… High blood sugar and insulin resistance makes you sleepy and crave sweets after eating… … Metabolic syndrome X is when insulin resistance combines with high cholesterol and excess weight, it’s a dangerous combination so treat it aggressively now before it’s too late…
-Chapter 6-
Types of High Blood Sugar

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  • Pre-Diabetes and Hidden high blood sugar: beginning to develop insulin resistance, nip it in the bud now.
  • Combination Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia: more serious dysglycemia.
  • Insulin Resistance & Diabetes Type II : progressively harming your body so treat these aggressively.
  • Syndrome X/Metabolic Syndrome : a deadly combination kill it before it kills you.

Pre-Diabetes and Hidden High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycaemia)

As we’ll saw in chapter 5 mainstream medicine has a fatal flaw which is that it considers levels of fasting (morning) blood sugar that are unhealthily high as acceptable and doesn’t even routinely look for after-meal spikes in blood sugar.
We also saw that elevated blood sugar can damage the pancreas and increase the chances of developing diabetes, but please don’t think that just because you have slightly elevated blood sugar putting you in the category of pre-diabetic that it is inevitable that you will develop full-blown diabetes, many people that are pre-diabetic do not go on to develop more serious diabetes. On the other hand however please don’t think that this means you do not have to be concerned because it’s just pre-diabetes, as I discussed elsewhere when blood sugar levels are persistently elevated -even slightly- it’s already harming your body and significantly increasing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Being Pre-diabetic is Not being Pre-High Blood Sugar Disease.
…even slightly high blood sugar above 85 mg/dL 4.7 mmol/L in the morning and undetected after-meal spikes in blood sugar throughout the day causes long-term physical damage. …
If you have pre-diabetic high blood sugar levels progressively damaging your cardiovascular system then you end up dying prematurely of a heart attack it’s hardly pre-disease. The good news is that at this early stage it should be very amenable to treatment. 

Insulin Resistance & Diabetes Type II

Even Type II Diabetes Can Be Reversed
Researchers at Britain’s Newcastle University in 2010 completely reversed and cured Type II diabetes in 7 out of 11 test subjects. The treatment consisted of an extreme diet for 8 weeks consisting of only 800 calories a day but otherwise rich in essential nutrients {ref}. Incidentally you will often see it misreported elsewhere this diet protocol consisted of 600 calories a day but the total daily intake is actually 800 calories (600 calories came Optifast meal replacement and a further 200 calories from about 250grams of none starch vegetables per day). See the treatment section for my version of this technique.
There’s no denying that this is an extreme and radical treatment protocol but think about the result for a moment, it actually reversed and cured diabetes; no one has ever done that before, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on looking for to cure to this problem and nothing has come even close to curing to this result.
It’s been suggested that this extreme calorie restriction treatment may work by stripping away internal abdominal fat from around the pancreas which interferes with its function, it’s radical weight loss affects are at least a secondary benefit and make it the most appropriate technique for people with insulin resistance/ diabetes type II and excessive weight especially with fat around your middle.
It was not a properly conducted scientific trial however I saw a television programme where a group of people with insulin resistance/Type II diabetes were put onto either the 800 cal a day diet or a version of the zone diet, on the zone diet you eat less carbohydrates and always combine your carbohydrates with healthy protein and oils to control the rate at which the carbohydrates are broken down into sugars, I’ll discuss this diet later. The first things that was interesting was that nobody on this TV show completed the 800 cal a day diet treatment because they found it too difficult, the second interesting thing that surprised me was that the blood sugar levels of the participants on the zone diet improved sufficiently for them to be no longer diagnosed as having insulin resistance/Type II diabetes and most of them found this diet it relatively easy to do.
In my clinic I’m makes a variety of techniques to treat insulin resistance/Type II diabetes including:
·        an initial fast for several days followed by an
·        800 cal a day diet for a week or longer depending on what the person can manage and their level of abdominal fat followed by
·        my Personalised Glycaemic Response Diet, whereby you use a glucose meter to determine your own personal carbohydrate allowance and your own individual glycaemic response of specific meals.
I’ll also employ very low carbohydrate (meat, fish and veg) diets also known as Palaeo diets or Stone Age diets and a modified version of the 5-2 diet.
Typical treatment plans run over several months and include a once a month fast followed by an 800 cal a day week followed by the personalised glycaemic response diet with blood sugar balancing natural remedies. Or a once a month fast combined with a low-calorie Palaeolithic diet plus natural remedies. Another alternative is an initial fast followed by the 5-2 diet but with the important modification of on the five days when you eat normally you must strictly avoid spikes in your blood sugar level by adhering to a personalised glycaemic response diet. I’ll discuss all of these options in the treatment section.

Syndrome X/Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is also known as syndrome X and metabolic syndrome X. I’m sorry to say but it’s a seriously unhealthy condition to be in.
You have metabolic syndrome if you have three out of the following five conditions:-
  • elevated blood pressure (130/85 or more),
  • low levels of high-density cholesterol your ‘good’ cholesterol (40 mg/dL or lower),
  • high triglyceride l (150 mg/dL or above). Triglycerides are molecules that carry fats around the body and you don’t want them to be high,
  • central obesity (to put it in plain English: a fat belly),
  • elevated fasting blood sugar, but in functional medicine we would add elevated after-meal blood sugar levels particularly a blood sugar level over 120 mg/dL (XXX millimoles/L) two hours after eating.
As you can imagine the combination of having high blood sugar, high triglycerides and low good cholesterol levels puts a person on the fast-track towards developing heart disease, pretty much the only thing you could do to make matters worse is that smoking to the mixture.
The good news is that if you’re serious about curing this disorder you can with aggressive dietary therapy and natural remedies.
When blood sugar is over 83 mg/dL the pancreas continues to secrete insulin suggesting that the body wants to keep blood sugar levels less than that level.

Related Conditions

In functional medicine we focus on the interaction between different body systems and we believe that imbalances in blood sugar contribute so significantly other aspects of your health that it is essential to test for and treat blood sugar imbalances if you want to treat and overcome:-
  • depression, anxiety, bipolar syndrome, ADHD,
  • thyroid problems,
  • chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue,
  • migraines,
  • PSOS,
  • PMS Menopause,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • low immunity.

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  • Natural Treatments and Remedies To Correct Blood Sugar Problems 
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