…even slightly high blood sugar above 85 mg/dL 4.7 mmol/L can cause long-term physical damage, test your own blood sugar and treat it with die a natural remedies before it’s too late…
-Section II-
-High Blood Sugar-

-Chapter 3-
Why Does High Blood Sugar
Matter so Much?

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~High Blood Sugar Damages your Physical Health,
 Makes you Fatigued and may Shorten your Life~

Non-diabetic hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar causes bouts of mental and physical tiredness between meals and when meals are delayed if you frequently experience these symptoms and you need snacks or coffee to pick you up it’s a tell-tale sign that you get low blood sugar. Low blood sugar also triggers the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands and chronic low blood sugar may contribute to adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome, the release of stress hormones can also wake you up in the middle of the night. 
High blood sugar on the other hand is what occurs with diabetes, insulin resistance and hidden pre-diabetes, it causes serious damage and physical degeneration throughout the body.
~You don’t have to be diagnosed with diabetes to have high blood sugar levels seriously damaging your health~
High blood sugar whether diabetic, pre-diabetic or still hidden and not yet diagnosed causes progressive degeneration of the heart and blood vessels which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, the kidneys, the nerves in our extremities (peripheral neuropathy) and our eye sight, basically it’ll shorten your life. The damaging health effects from high blood sugar, insulin resistance and Type II diabetes are so widespread today that it said to be the 21st century epidemic.
Repeated surges in blood glucose and insulin also elevates the level of a fatty substance called triglycerides in our blood which can be thought of in the same way as you think about cholesterol. Elevated triglycerides significantly increase your chances of developing and even dying prematurely from cardiovascular or heart disease. 
In addition to causing the serious health problems mentioned above high blood sugar can simply make you feel tired and exhausted all the time especially after eating, a wave of tiredness and falling asleep after meals can be a tell-tale sign of having some degree of insulin resistance; if it’s not insulin resistance the other main reason for feeling sleepy after meals is food sensitivities. High blood sugar/insulin also increases the development of body fat and weight gain this is a vicious circle because the more fat your body stores the worse your body’s ability to control blood sugar becomes.

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  • Types of High Blood Sugar: pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, Type II diabetes etc
  • How to Test Your Own Blood Sugar Responses
  • Natural Treatments and Remedies To Correct Blood Sugar Problems

-Chapter 4-
High Blood Sugar and AGE

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~High Blood Sugar increases the formation of damaged proteins and fats in the body which are a major cause of physical degeneration~

So How Does Have Blood Sugar Damage Your Health?

You will doubtless have heard of free-radicles (highly reactive molecules) and be aware they can progressively damage your health and you want to both avoid them and neutralise them by eating lots of anti-oxidants; but you may not have heard of advanced glycation end products. Advanced glycation end products or AGEs for short are formed when sugar molecules coat and attach to proteins, the formation of AGEs damages the original proteins and research has shown that the excessive build-up of AGEs in our tissues seriously harm’s our health. The process of sugar attaching to proteins is called glycation and you want to minimise it just like you want to minimise exposure to free radicals.
Glycation and the damage it causes is a different and separate process to the damage caused by free radicles and the antioxidants that protects against free radical damage do not help protect us from it. The exception is carnosine which is both an antioxidant and a powerful protector against AGE formation. The most important way to prevent AGEs damaging your health is to minimise their formation in the first place and to achieve this you need to eliminate high blood sugar which provides the fuel or building materials to make AGEs; we’ll look at how to do this later.
AGEs are destructive in their own right but they also intensify free radicals damage and fire up inflammation which accelerates all degenerative processes in the body and low grade chronic inflammation in the brain may be at the root of chronic depression.
AGEs cause proteins including collagen to ‘cross-link’ (basically tangle up) and lose their elasticity, in the skin the cross-linking of collagen fibres causes loss of elasticity and the formation of permanent wrinkles (see picture left), in our cardiovascular system the loss of elasticity contributes to hardening of our arteries with potentially serious consequences.
AGEs contributing to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, type II diabetes, kidney disorders, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, stroke and visual impairment.
Once formed it’s difficult, some say impossible for the body to eradicate, glycation damaged proteins definitely have a slower turnover than normal healthy proteins and so under normal circumstances without taking radical measures and supplementation they will tend to simply accumulate as time goes by. So basically you want to minimise glycation and AGE formation in the first place and the most effective way of doing this is to avoid having high blood sugar providing lots of building materials (free sugar molecules) to make AGEs.
Not only are proteins vulnerable to glycation but fat molecules can also undergo this destructive process. The build up of glycation damaged lipids or fat molecules in the body is involved in accelerating the development of atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetic and non-diabetic kidney disease Cell Biochem Biophys. 2007; 48 (2-3): 147-57.  
Medicina (B Airies) 2000; 60 (5 part 1): 645-56.  
Miyazawa T et.al. Lipid glycation and protein glycation in diabetes and atherosclerosis. Amino acids. 2012 April; 42 (4): 1163-70.


AGEs Develop both Inside and Outside our Body

AGEs are not only produced inside our body but they are also produced in the food we eat -particularly fried foods- when sugars in our food interact with proteins and fats at high temperatures. The brown appearance on the surface of meat cooked at high temperature is AGEs. 

Internally produced AGEs

Inside our body sugar molecules both the glucose derived from carbohydrates and the fructose derived from fruit continuously stick to proteins and fat molecules of our body producing AGEs. This process should only occur very slowly in a person with healthy blood sugar levels however when our blood sugar levels rise too high especially when they stay high for several hours a day the excess circulating sugar significantly accelerates the formation of AGEs, this is one of the main reasons why high blood sugar in all its forms causes the development of widespread degenerative disease throughout our bodies. 

Why Fruit Juice and Smoothies Damage the Body

High Fructose May Produce 10 Times more AGEs High Glucose
The sugars were derived from fruit (fructose and galactose) cause glycation at about 10 times a higher rate than glucose. Biochemistry. 1988 Mar 22;27(6):1901-7.Role of fructose in glycation and cross-linking of proteins.
McPherson JD1, Shilton BH, Walton DJ
. This surprising result means that high fruit and fruit juice consumption may cause more glycation damage in the body than artificial sugary sodas, in other words a glass of fruit juice or a smoothie produces more AGEs than a glass of Lucozade!{Insert numbers} Of course fruit juices will contain antioxidants which are disease preventing in other ways but antioxidants do not prevent glycation and the formation of AGEs and so it is with deep regret but I have to advise you that drinking lots of fruit juice and consuming pretty much any smoothies is bad for your health.
Let me explain as a little bit further, we’ve all been told that we should be eating more fruit and vegetables, well actually anyone who really knew what they were talking about would say that you shouldn’t lump fruit and vegetables together as if they’re interchangeable and that we should be eating absolutely loads of vegetables and optionally a little fruit for extra antioxidants.
Vegetables are a rich source of essential minerals and apart from a few exceptions, bananas being rich in potassium for example fruit is a poorer source of minerals than potassium and meat. If you want a high potassium diet to lower high blood pressure carrots have about the same level of potassium as bananas {insert numbers}, cooking liberates the potassium and so vegetable soup is the ultimate potassium rich meal
There are a few fruits, apples for example, that are decent sources of soluble fibre but its fibre you’re after each lots of vegetables moderate amounts of whole grains, actually many fruits including bananas and blueberries if eaten in large enough quantities are actually constipating.
Apart from asparagus, artichoke and sugar snap peas all vegetables have a very low fructose content and therefore do not flood the blood with glycation causing fruit sugars. In terms of blood glucose levels most vegetables vegetables have a moderate to low effect on blood glucose (GI), the exceptions to this are the root vegetables: parsnips, most potatoes, some carrots, swedes, tapioca, some pumpkins, cassava, some yams and broad beans.
The problem with smoothies and juice is that it is possible to consume far too much of the original fruit along with its fruit sugars in one go. Take apple juice for example, depending on the size and juiciness of the apples it might take anything from 3 large juicy apples up to 10 small apples to make a single glass of apple juice, and I could easily down a couple of glasses of apple juice a day but I wouldn’t be able to eat the equivalent amount of apples and the same is true of other fruit juices such as orange juice. The presence of the fibre in the original fruit fills you up and the chewing process slows you down both of which limits the amount of fruit sugars you can consume in real fruit compared to fruit juices. In the case of smoothies where the original fibre is still present in the liquid you might think this would fill you up however it still possible to easily over-consume vast amounts of fructose in smoothies, that innocent mango and banana smoothie that you think is packed with goodness is actually flooding your body with advanced glycation end products!
Hemoglobin inside red blood cells can also be passively coated by elevated blood sugars and hemoglobin A1C (HgbA1C) is a common test that measures this process in the bloodstream.

Externally produced AGEs from Cooking

‘AGEing’ Cooking
The way we prepare our food has a huge effect on the quantity of AGEs that we ingest. Frying and grilling particularly dry frying with the absence of water produce the most AGEs in the food we eat, for example french fries have nearly 90 times the amount of AGEs of a boiled potato, grilled chicken can have 10 times the amount of AGEs boiled chicken in say chicken soup and a Friday and has 50 times the AGE level of a boiled eight.
You can actually see the AGEs with your naked eye, the charred/browned/caramelised surface of roasted/fried food actually is AGEs i.e. damaged proteins and fats with sugars stuck to them. It may seem strange or be hard to imagine the browning process that we see on the outside of cooked meat occurring inside our body but it is exactly the same process just occurring at a much slower rate and lower temperature.
The presence of water inhibits the binding of sugar molecules to proteins and fats so the Mediterranean style of sautéing fish or meat in a pan with lots of wet tomatoes and onions will produce less AGEs than putting a stake directly on a dry nonstick or griddle pan surface at high temperature, and if you really wanted tomaximise the production of AGEs you would add sugar to the surface of the meat by marinating it in a barbecue of teriyaki sauce with sugar is one of the ingredients. The combination of the sugar from the marinade in contact with the protein in the meat and high temperature may produce the best flavours but it’s the most ‘AGEing’ food you can eat; it does strike me as unfortunate that one of the best flavours there is (browned, marinated meat) is one of the most unhealthy. The other glaringly obvious example of our taste buds liking unhealthy foods is sugar and sweets. If you do marinate meat before cooking it avoid added sugar and maintain a lot of the liquid marinade such as vinegar, lemon juice or beer in the pan during cooking.
The high water content in vegetables will tend to protect them from producing AGEs however it is still much healthier to eat your vegetables steamed, in soups or raw than roasted.
Soups are a particularly good way to cook meat whilst minimising the production of AGEs and slow cooking at lower temperatures is the best of all. Baking meat inside a pie or a parcel of aluminium foil with some lemon and onions reduces the formation of AGEs because the presence of the water/steam reduces the temperature.
If you use a grill keep it clean of burnt and gold residues which are packed with AGEs.
Meat Free and Vegetarian Diet Still Produce AGEs
The good news is that when you reduce the development of AGEs in your body you will decrease your chances of developing chronic degenerative diseases.

How to Slow down AGE Formation

Firstly Maintain healthy blood sugar levels by:-

1/ Preventing after meal spikes in blood sugar by avoiding high GI foods, consuming protein, healthy oils and fibre whenever you eat carbohydrates to lower the glycaemic response of the carbohydrates.
2/ Aggressively treating and correcting insulin resistance and Type II diabetes if present.
3/ Keep total fructose consumption to below 25 g per day, which may mean seriously reducing your intake of fruit juice if that’s something you enjoy like fruit juice like I do. The biggest modern source of fructose is HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) but agave and honey should also be avoided if you want to minimise glycation.

Secondly Avoid High-Temperature Cooking (frying and roasting)

Avoid the consumption of processed and browned, seared or caramelised meat and vegetables. Used boiling and steaming cooking methods, remember that the presence of water and steam prevents AGEs forming.
Avoid high cooking temperatures. Slow cooking produces less glycation end products.
{{In the near future doctors may soon be using a technique to identify people at risk of diabetes I simply shining a bright light on a patch of skin below the elbow. Advanced glycation end products from chronic high blood sugar build up in the skin and actually glow when illuminated by a specific fluorescent light made by DiagnOptics.}}

Optional Anti-AGE Supplements


Carnosine is a naturally occurring antioxidant and anti-AGE compound found primarily in red meat. The 250 mg of carnosine provided by a 7 pounds hamburger was completely clear from the blood within 5-6 hours by the enzyme carnosinase [i] so does not last long enough to provide a sustained protective effect against AGEs, however supplementing 1000 mg of carnosine a day overwhelms the to maintain the presence of this protective compound.
Research found that supplementing carnosine produced a 20% increase in average lifespan in male fruit flies; carnosine alone had little effect on female fruit fly lifespan until it was combined with a water-soluble form of vitamin P whereupon it produced a 36% increase in average lifespan[ii][iii]. If carnosine reproduced even some of this effect effect in humans it would make it an impressive life sustaining substance.
Carnosine may be able to extend human lifespan by protecting against premature death from cardiovascular disease. It’s antioxidant properties protect heart muscle from free radical damage, it lowers blood pressure, and its anti-glycation properties help prevent glycation of cholesterol that could form arterial plaque.[iv][v][vi]. The latter makes carnosine particularly beneficial against the damage that high blood sugar can do to the blood vessels and the combination makes carnosine perhaps the best protective remedy against the damaging effects of metabolic syndrome X.
Carnosine may also exert anti-stress effects on the autonomic nervous system which indirectly lower blood sugar levels, this may be helpful in the short-term however after you’ve completed the relaxation response training technique in this book you will have permanently hardwired into your nervous system the ability to switch off stress responses that may be contributing to fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.
Anecdotally in my practice I’ve seen incredible genuinely noticeable rejuvenating effects on the appearance of aged skin in patients that started to supplement carnosine.
The bottom line and carnosine is I think it’s a very useful remedy to use in the beginning of your blood sugar control treatment program, it’s not a substitute for the fasting treatment, dietary therapy changes, relaxation response training and HIIT exercises, but it can help rejuvenate your body and will help you to look and feel better quicker. I would definitely recommend at least six months or longer and carnosine if you currently have metabolic syndrome X or diabetes II. Once you have corrected your blood sugar condition carnosine is simply an optional anti-glycation, anti ageing remedy.
In addition to the effects mentioned above carnosine appears to be protective against the formation of cataracts it’s anti-glycation anti-inflammatory effects may be protective against cancer risk.
Carnosine Dosage: 1000 mg divided between breakfast and dinner.
Alpha Lipoic Acid

B-6 Protects Against AGEs Formation and Damage

B6 is converted or metabolised into P-5-P in the liver and P-5-P is probably the most biologically active form of B6 and has been shown to inhibit glycation of protein (J Am Soc Nephrol. 2005 January; 16 (1): 14 for-50. Lif Sci. 1988 43 (21): 1725-31)
and to be the superior form of B6 to protect against glycation of lipids J Lipid Res. 2006 May; 47 (5): 964-74.
Pyridoxamine is a less commonly used form of B6 that can be taken at a high dosage without the concern for peripheral neuropathy that may be an issue with standard forms of B-6 Arch Dis Child. 1991 September; 66 (9): 1081-2. Clin Neuropharmacol. 2007 January; 30 (1): 13-7. J Appl Toxicol 2004 November December; 24 (6): 497-500. In the US the FDAhas been petitioned by pharmaceutical interests to make this useful form of B6 available only as a prescription drug. Pyridoxamine has shown great potential for protecting against diabetic kidney disease and it looks like big Pharma is seeking to patent this vitamin that naturally occurs in food which would deny its sale to the general public as a potentially useful substance (see life extension Magazine July 2009: FDA Seeks to Ban Pyridoxamine). Interestingly a drug company also filed a petition with the FDA to classify pyridoxal-5-phosphate as a prescription only drug; which I conclude is testament to the efficacy of these substances as medicines. 
In addition to protecting against the formation of AGEs B-6 can inhibit to other processes critical in the development of diabetic and high blood sugar damage. Animal studies have shown that B-6 scavengers reactive metal ions in the body which may contribute to oxidative stress, i.e. free radical formation; B6 can also react with oxygen free radicals preventing them from damaging proteins, lipids and our DNA[vii]. B-6 is also shown to reduce free radical damage to human red blood cells treated with glucose[viii].
B-6 Dosage:
You can take separate B-6 on top or a B complex so that the total B-6 adds up to 250 mg a day with our any risk of toxicity, but there is a little weak evidence that taking more than this may cause damage to peripheral nerves. If you
have high blood sugar you could consider supplementing B-6 as a protection over the several months it may take you to bring your blood sugar levels down; or if you are particularly concerned about slowing down the ageing process and want to strongly prevent the inevitable formation of AGEs that occurs even with healthy blood sugar levels you can safely add an additional 500-600 mg of B6 in the form of pyridoxamine on top of the B6 from P-5-P.
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