Taking Drugs Developed my Clinical Skills!

Today I only eat organic food and fair trade whenever I can, in my youth however I took drugs full of toxic chemicals and contaminated with the environmental damage and the brutality of the illegal drug trade. However unhealthy it may have been some good did come out of my drug experiences; I know that we are all a bit different in the way our brains respond to drugs nevertheless having taken drugs has been an immensely educational experience for the work I do today in balancing neurotransmitters with natural remedies. 

For example cocaine overstimulates dopaminergic pathways in the brain then eventually burns them out, Ecstasy does the same thing but with serotonin pathways; what I observed was the come down from cocaine has a low energy and demotivated quality that is quite different from the antsy depressed comedown from Ecstasy. When I see a patient with depression I’m interested in does the depression look like low serotonin or low dopamine, or low phenylethylamine or low endorphins/enkephalins, or non-chemical depression (i.e. simply unhappiness due to unpleasant events and stressful circumstances) and experiencing the dopamine, serotonin and opioid highs and lows narcotics produce helped me to understand the distinctly different effects and qualities of the different neurotransmitters. Since the 80’s the availability of SSRI antidepressants has focused conventional medicine excessively only on low serotonin as the cause of depression but for many people SSRI’s are not effective, I believe this is because their depression does not involve serotonin but some other cause. 
As well as opening up my thinking about the role of different neurotransmitters in depression using drugs, specifically cocaine, developed my therapeutic skills for the treatment of bipolar syndrome. We know from laboratory studies that cocaine floods the dopamine pathways in the brain then eventually exhausts them causing a horrible dopamine deficient comedown, research also points to the role of excessive dopamine activity in bipolar mania. Well I’ve taken cocaine and experienced the dopamine fuelled roller costa it produces, I’ve also had my brain hijacked by bipolar mania and had numerous bipolar depressions; I can personally attest to the remarkable similarity between the cocaine high and bipolar mania on the one hand and the cocaine comedown and bipolar depression on the other. This helped me understand how fluctuating dopamine levels were running my own fluctuating bipolar moods and how I could control my bipolar syndrome by taking control my dopamine levels with natural therapies.  This contributed to developing the therapeutic techniques to control dopamine I now teach to my bipolar and addiction patients. 
Some recent research into treating bipolar mania used a protein powder deficient of the amino acids (tyrosine and phenylalanine) used to make dopamine, this depletes the brain of the nutrients needed to make dopamine and this quickly calmed down the manic condition. This makes complete sense to me and may turn out to be a safe and simple method people can use to manage their own bipolar condition. This year 2014 I will be experimenting with the effects of this dopamine depleting protein mixture by first inducing mania in myself which I can reliably do by using excessive doses of antidepressant remedies and then seeing how well this new approach works, I have actually already done this with all the anti-mania remedies I recommend to gauge the effects so if the new protein mixture. If it does not work I can quickly fall back on previously tried and tested remedies to halt the mania within a day or two. Please don’t try this at home unless you really know how to stay safe, I’ve been self-medicating with natural remedies since 1986, it was only after years of learning how to bring down bipolar mania when it spontaneously occurred that I developed the skill set required to make deliberately inducing mania thoroughly safe. 
Not only does excessive dopamine activity hijacks the brain at times of bipolar mania but I believe dopamine activity is deficient at times of bipolar depression and with some types of unipolar depression. Modern psychiatry primarily focuses on medicating the mania side of bipolar syndrome and would rarely if ever recommend someone with bipolar boost dopamine levels for fear it would precipitate a manic episode. Many of my patient s complain that problem with only treating the manic side is it often leaves them with untreated depression. I think this is like the low dopamine cocaine comedown and that the only remedy it is to boost dopamine just enough to lift the depression.  
As well as cocaine many years ago I took opium and heroin, subsequently I practised Kundalini and Taoist meditations and can vouch for the claims that these meditative techniques can if practiced intensely enough induce an endorphin high with a very similar feel to the endorphin high induced by opioid drugs. The meditation high is not as intense as the drug high as you might expect but it’s not bad and it’s safe, free, legal, actually good for your health and I believe a viable stepping stone, or way of life, to help people with opioid, sexual addiction and addiction in general. See Get High without Drugs the Safe & Free way
Experiencing first the happy mood from elevated serotonin and then the rebound depression caused by very low levels of serotonin after taking Ecstasy helped me understand the very different nature and qualities of what I call a serotonin dependant depression verses a dopamine dependant depression. 
Maybe in the future we will have accurate medical tests to establish the perfect prescription but at this point in time we have to rely on skilled human judgement; this is just as true in conventional medicine as it is in my practice, when you go to your regular doctor with symptoms of depression they will prescribe antidepressants based upon their training and insight not tests. Today when I meet a patient in my clinic my past drug experiences help me intuitively work out which neurotransmitter to treat first to try to find the solution to their problem. 

If you have a drug, gambling or sex addiction issue and you feel balancing your brain chemistry could help you in some way on your road to recovery I would love to help you recover your wellness. 

My Personal Drug Story

I was never what you could call an addict but I regularly used a wide variety of narcotics from my mid-teens to my mid 20s, at that time I had undiagnosed and treated bipolar syndrome (principally depression); drug abuse is so common amongst people with bipolar syndrome especially young people that it should always considered with a bipolar diagnosis.  The problem is for many people with bipolar syndrome that getting the right diagnosis can be difficult, perhaps 20% of people medically diagnosed with depression actually have bipolar syndrome, perhaps half of people with bipolar syndrome have had to visit three medical practitioners before they got the correct diagnosis and it may take an average of 10 years following the onset of the condition before obtaining the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Without doubt there will be cases where the presence of drug abuse obscures the presence of bipolar syndrome so the person is diagnosed as having drug addiction and the bipolar syndrome is missed. Sedative drugs like alcohol, downers, opiates and mellow cannabis may dull and temporarily mask bipolar syndrome but then ill effects latter on.  Stimulating drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and amphetamine may provoke a manic episode quickly followed by depression as the dopamine neural pathways ways of the brain become worn out, I would have ridiculously come down from cocaine (severe fatigue and depression). Hallucinogenic drugs could potentially provoke psychotic symptoms in some vulnerable individuals. 

In my early 20s I was very mentally ill with bipolar syndrome until I started having psychotherapy and using some primitive self-medicating with nutritional supplements; subsequently I found I could get high in a healthier way using Taoist meditation and kundalini yoga. This wasn’t just some accidental discovery it actually took me a more than a year of psychotherapy before I was able to settle my mind enough to be able to meditate and after that took months of practice but eventually I was able to induce a euphoric endorphin/opiate type high not as intense as heroine but quite similar to opium. It would take an hour of meditation to achieve this state and would only last for a few minutes but the total effect of the endorphin high and other longer lasting balancing effects throughout the day was actually enough to keep me away from all other drugs despite having quite poorly medicated bipolar syndrome at that time still driving addictive tendencies. I remember one time politely turning down the offer of a joint and a line of coke and the person is saying “I notice you never participate” to which I explained that these days I meditate and you I don’t want to I get high now or even just have a drink because if I do I wouldn’t to be able to meditate later on and when I meditate I get a free, healthy, legal high as good as opium, without any come down, so thanks for the offer but to be able to get this better high later on I’m staying drug free. That would have been in about 1987 and this strategy worked for me for several years despite still regularly being surrounded by people using drugs, since then I’ve used in narcotics (Ecstasy) only once in the early 90s. Gradually I accepted that I have bipolar syndrome and when I learned how to control the bipolar syndrome with natural therapies especially how to maintain balanced dopamine levels (the addiction driver), it has basically eliminated my addictive issues; before I gained control of my bipolar however I regularly struggled with addictive tendencies. 
Today when my rapid cycling bipolar syndrome tries to head off in a manic direction as it does several times a year I will feel a twinge of the addictive feelings and thought processes, but as I aggressively nip the mania in the bud with natural therapies these feelings pass. If my addictive feelings direct themselves towards healthy or safe things like exercise or studying too much I just leave them be.  Thankfully I don’t miss narcotics but I do miss smoking whenever I’m stressed and I have single glass of wine a day.    


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