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Depression Treatment Options with Natural Remedies
& Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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Do not suddenly stop taking any prescribed medication. Do not take supplements to change your brain chemistry and antidepressants at the same time without expert supervision.
Whilst I encourage you to learn about and take control of your health you must be careful when self-medicating. Be safe, the primary rule of medicine is first do no harm. 


What You Can Achieve Using These Methods

By experimenting with different combinations of remedies you can discover whether:
  • more serotonin would help your depression or anxiety,
  • more dopamine  would help a demotivated type of depression,
  • you need more dopamine in the morning to switch your brain on and then less dopamine as the day goes on to prevent manic insomnia. 
  • will increasing the level of the neurotransmitter GABA that calms down persistent thoughts going around in the mind help anxiety,
  • will increasing the level of phenylethylamine  (the brain's natural amphetamine) treat lethargic, low-energy depression. 

You can also rule out other (hidden) factors contributing to the problem and preventing recovery such as heavy metal toxicity, deficiency of omega 3 oils in the brain and low-blood-sugar periodically starving the brain of enough energy to make neurotransmitters.  

You can also learn:
  • How to use the antidepressant effects of bright light therapy and the mood stabilising anti-mania effects of total darkness therapy
  • You can combine these two things with appropriate remedies to manage rapid cycling bipolar syndrome one of the hardest types of bipolar to medicate because it keeps constantly changing. 
  • You can learn how to use bright light therapy, total darkness therapy and virtual darkness [LINK] along with appropriate remedies to manage and improve disrupted sleep  and sleep cycles helpful to manage bipolar. 

You can learn
  • Psychological techniques to interrupt depressive thoughts, change fundamental negative self and world-beliefs, remodel painful memories and ground manic ideas; some of these techniques will eventually run automatically for you in the background like virus protection software in a computer others you can apply as and when needed.
  • Learn to meditate. 

Once you've practised these techniques to the point at which they become intuitive you will have a toolbox of techniques which you can adapt to manage the unique way your depression or bipolar syndrome manifests
Working with depression and bipolar syndrome is not just part of my job, I myself have lived with mental illness most of my life. So my understanding of treating these conditions comes not only from years of academic study and clinical experience, but from having actually tried and tested these techniques myself. I first had suicidal depressed thoughts at the age of 11 and my first bout of bipolar type I in my early 20's, since the mid 1980’s I have managed my bipolar syndrome without drugs using natural therapies, psychotherapy, healthy diet and lifestyle. 

In looking for solutions I experimented with everything from acupuncture, through shamanistic healing to nutrition and several forms of psychotherapy. Many things helped my general health, but out of all the therapies I’ve tried two stand out for producing consistently effective and long term benefits for both depression and bipolar both in myself and my patients, and these are: nutritional therapy and psychotherapy.
By 2013/14 should have finished writing and published a book on balancing brain chemistry for depression and bipolar syndrome which I hope will help my patients and people that cannot get to see me.
Depression and bipolar can respond are amazingly well to natural therapies and lifestyle changes. As mentioned elsewhere in this site it is important in the beginning to rule out heavy metal toxicity, hypothyroid, brain allergies, deficiencies in essential nutrients especially omega-3 oils and to stabilise blood sugar levels. Then regulate neurotransmitters levels. 
Establishing which neurotransmitter is deficient requires experience and personal experimentation, this is something I assist people to do during our initial meeting, over time with assistance you can learn how to self-medicate and control the condition. In 2013 I hope to publish book on using natural therapies to manage which should help you understand your neurotransmitters and how to work with them. 
As well as balancing your brain chemistry psychotherapy can do many helpful things to change mental health problems. 
If you'd like to consult with me you'll have to visit my practice in London. See Contact/Booking.
As yet there is no permanent cure for bipolar, however with constant treatment people can manage the condition and lead productive successful lives.

Natural remedies Vs. Drugs
Nutritional Deficiencies
Misdiagnosis & Medicating Normal Mental Health
Effective Underutilised Treatments BLT and Exercise

Be Well
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What I Treat

I treat and coach people with mental health problems at my London clinic and via Skype how to use natural remedies, diet, brain training meditations, sleep and specific physical exercises to treat the health of the brain for mental health problems including:
  • bipolar syndrome,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • addiction, panic disorder OCD and PTSD
I teach meditation brain training classes both  one-to-one and in small groups to rewire the brain and treat mental health problems.  I also see clints for cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP amygdala reprogramming or exposure therapy to treat anxiety spectrum disorders.
I regret that at this time do not treat psychotic conditions including schizophrenia at this time. 

I Specialise in the treatment of digestive health problems:
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • SIBO  (which can be the cause of  60% of IBS)
  • Bloating, constipation etc.
To book an appointment for the above conditions at my London clinic call my clinic reception ,
tobook a Skype appointment do not call my clinic  email me directly

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To make an appointment at my London clinic (not for Skype appointments) call my reception:
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Over the years I’ve trained in Nutritional /naturopathic medicine, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP, body-centred psychotherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Bicom resonance therapy, meditation and Kundalini yoga, in the past I specialised in digestive health problems including IBS, bloating, candida, parasites, constipation, Heavy metal detoxification and chronic fatigue syndrome including adrenal exhaustion. I practice at the Hale Clinic (central London) and via Skype as a holistic medical practitioner and have been in practice since 1988.
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