Natural Remedies for Cocaine, Ritalin or Amphetamine Addiction


Remedies for the Step 1 Withdrawalcocaine addiction natural treatment

Suddenly withdrawing cocaine from your system will result in dopamine levels plummeting to an uncomfortable low. The intense cravings to get high again depression and fatigue that are the hallmarks of cocaine withdrawal but due to deficient dopamine. Despite feeling tired is not uncommon to suffer from insomnia or intense, vivid and unpleasant dreams; some people experience excessive sleeping as opposed to insomnia. The aim of the natural remedies for cocaine withdrawal are to replenish depleted of dopamine levels, support the adrenal glands to manage the fatigue and improved sleep.
To prevent dopamine levels falling too low:
L-Tyrosine: 1000 to 2500 mg three times a day 30 minutes before meals. Tyrosine is converted into the neurotransmitter dopamine. Naturally boosting dopamine will help your energy levels and depression. Regularly monitor your blood pressure if you have hypertension and don’t take tyrosine if you have a history of melanoma.

Rhodiola: 500 mg standardised extract with each meal. Rhodiola boosts dopamine, serotonin and energy levels. It’s what is called an adaptogenic herb, these herbs help the body to cope with stress. If you intend to take Rhodiola for an extended period of time miss out one day a week to prevent your brain from habituating to it.

Scutellaria powder (search online for Huang Qin powder to buy this): take a slightly rounded teaspoon twice a day made up into a hot drink like a hot cocoa sleep and if necessary with xylitol and miss out one day a week prevent your brain habituating to it.

Magnolia bark powder (search online for Huo Po powderto buy this): take this the same way as Scutellaria together at the same time.

Passionflower : 350-400 mg three or four times a day for the first few days or even weeks thereafter reduce to 350-40 mg twice a day  missing out one day a week to prevent your brain from habituating to it.
Passionflower  builds up GABA levels which counterbalances excessive glutamate it also re-sensitises desensitised  dopamine  receptor sites in dopamine synapses which is an important part of the long-term recuperation phase.
NAC Cysteine: this is a key component in using natural remedies for cocaine addiction, iit combats excessive glutamate buildup in the synapses and balances  dopamine levels which are the two key neurotransmitters involved in cocaine addiction.
1500 to 2000 mg twice per day at the same time as the tyrosine, or 1000 mg 3 times per day.
Appears to reverse the changes in the brain circuitry that are associated with cocaine addiction (also gambling and perhaps other drugs too), this reduces the cravings for cocaine and helps reduce relapse. NAC is also a supper antioxidant promoting brain and liver detoxification and regeneration. You can start on the NAC before you do your full cocaine elimination to help you reduce your cravings. NAC is a little expensive if you want to take it at the high dose for a long period of time you could invest in powder which is much cheaper but I warn you that it takes a couple of minutes to get it to dissolve, it has an unpleasant acidic taste and it’s very acidic like pure lemon juice which can potentially cause acid erosion of your dental enamel. To protect against dental enamel erosion immediately after consuming NAC liquid rinse your mouth first with water and then with enamel protecting toothpaste, but don’t brush your teeth while the enamel is soft and vulnerable, just rinse and let the alkaline toothpaste neutralise the acid over 5 to 10 minutes.
In one study NAC was shown to reduce cocaine use by cocaine users by 85%. (Mardikian PN, LaRowe SD, Hedden S, Kalivas PW, Malcolm RJ. An open-label trial of N-acetylcysteine for the treatment of cocaine dependence: a pilot study. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 2007;31:389-394.)

NAC cysteine has numerous healing effects, it’s antidepressant, calms excessive excitation in the brain, detoxifies the brain and liver, protects the brain from oxygen free radicals and chelates toxic heavy metals. For more information on the health benefits of NAC cysteine see my page:,-bipolar,-addiction,-anxiety,-detoxifying.html

To counteract excessive glutamate driving  addiction you can take the following remedies:

Glycine I recommend using powder because of the high doses required: up to 15-18 g a day during the first detox phase and thereafter 8 to 12 g on a daily basis. Don't take the full daily dose in one go but divided between at least two or three dosages, glycine is a sweet tasting powder that can be used even as a sweetener  in  drinks or on food (but remember don't drink coffee because it can cause fluctuations in your dopamine levels which until you really stable you  want to avoid. glycine binds to glutamate receptor sites therefore reducing excessive glutamate activity which can drive addiction.

Taurine: 6-9 g a day in the beginning withdrawal phase, reduced down to 3-6 g a day  for long-term use during the recuperation phase.
Taurine has a calming GABA like affect  and when taken long-term it also stimulates  neurogenesis in the hippocampus and area of the brain involved in memory and learning new things, you want a healthy hippocampus as you undergo drug counselling to integrate  the knowledge you pick up in counselling into long-term useful  memory resources.

L-Glutamine: Considering whether or not these glutamine is complicated for some people it will help to manage fatigue in the brain and has a relaxing effect because in then it primarily increases the level of GABA, unfortunately however in other people the extra GABA gets recycled back into glutamate which then increases addictive drives; I had a patient doing well on a prescription for cocaine addiction and then he decided to add L glutamine because you read it can be helpful on the Internet and rapidly pushed him straight back into cocaine use. So I now recommend you do not take L glutamine unless you have taken it before and know for a fact that in your case it produces a relaxing antianxiety feeling.
Ask your doctor before using glutamine if you have had cirrhosis of the liver.

To increase serotonin  for an antidepressant and improved sleep effect you can take tryptophan.
L-Tryptophan: 1000 to 2000 mg last thing at night I recommend tablets over capsules. Tryptophan naturally increases serotonin levels and helps us sleep it also produces an antidepressant effect. CAUTION: do not take tryptophan if you are on serotonin boosting antidepressant drugs (SSRIs or SNRIs) without expert supervision.

Pantothenic Acid: (vitamin B5) 3000 mg with each meal. Pantothenic acid is a tremendous support for the adrenal glands helping them through periods of stress and to regenerate. 3000 mg three times a day may seem like an exceptionally high dose for a B vitamin but pantothenic acid is completely safe, laboratory studies have been unable to find toxicity from this substance at any dosage; actually if you want to you can increase this dosage I’ve heard that beyond 18,000 mg a day it may give some people loose bowels.

B Complex: by a good-quality B 50 complex and take want to pills with each meal. B vitamins are needed as co-factors for the production of dopamine; they also support energy levels and help us cope at times of stress. Please note that it’s perfectly normal to get bright yellow coloured your own when you take B-Complex.
Vitamin C: 2000 to 4000 mg with each meal. Vitamin sees also co-factor for the production of dopamine and support our adrenal glands to cope with fatigue and periods of stress. Doses over 5000 to 6000 mg can cause loose bowels in some people it’s this happens to you just cut down on the dose.
Multimineral Supplement: use a good quality multimineral with plenty zinc and selenium such as Life Extension To Per Day. This will provide additional co-factors needed for the production of dopamine and general wellness.
Optional Melatonin this may be helpful as a sleep aid, but that high doses can produce disturbing dreams and you have to experiment to establish the right dosage. Melatonin is also a powerful natural antioxidant regeneration of the brain.

Improving Neuroplasticity to re-sensitizes Drug Desensitised Synapses
The goal is to speed up the rate that dopaminergic synapses and neurological circuits regenerate, left to their own devices these systems can regenerate if you eat and averagely healthy diet but it can take a couple of years for them to return to normal. Since 2012 I’ve been using a new protocol consisting of a stack of remedies to boost BDNF and neuroplasticity that cuts the time taken for this process down to a few months.
Meditation for Mental Health Problems and Addictionmeditation for drug addiction
hi Lander Lastly but by no means least don't miss out on this treatment, mindfulness-based meditation brain training can do something to combat the addiction that you cannot achieved by any other means. An intensive course of focused brain training has been shown to increase the size and density of connections in several areas of the brain that improve our ability to be aware of our emotional/psychological state, improve our emotional balance and improve our impulse control all the things we want to combat the addiction.
In my practice I combine meditation exercises with natural remedies that increase neuroplasticity to speed up and increase the rate of change stimulated by the meditation, I teach meditation both individually and in small groups adapting the meditation technique to individual needs for example although mindfulness meditation can be helpful to improve our impulse control there are other meditations that can stimulate the release of endorphins and give us a natural high but without the damage, expense and comedown.
cocaine addiction treatment natural remedies


Natural Remedies to Prevent Relapse

I’m sure you already know you probably should have drug addiction counselling/therapy for the Psychological aspects of your addiction theand reduce or stop being in situations where drugs are available; tell you friends you’ve stopped using if they don’t respect this get rid of them with extreme prejudice and get new friends.  Get your dealer completely out of your life, you don’t want someone with a financial investment in your destructive drug use anywhere near you.
Ok back to the natural remedies: continue on the above regime at least until you feel your energy and sleep fully recovered, however I would recommend continuing for at least 3-6 months, or more if you poor physical condition. Thereafter use the guidelines for Dopamine deficient depression and stay on the NAC long-term. 
Follow the GI and Zone diet to stabilise your blood sugar, this is important. 
Complete 100 days of relaxation response training and find a meditation system you like and do 25-35 mins a day for another 100 days.
If you stay clean for 5 years you are unlikely to relapse so stay focused on that first 5 years. 

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