Quit Smoking Treatment with Peter Smith

I love helping people to stop smoking, it may be the biggest single thing you can do to improve your health.

I use two methods to help you become an ex-smoker:-

Cognitive Hypnotherapy to break the mental habit.

Bicom resonance therapy to rapidly detoxify the nicotine and overcome the physical craving.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy works significantly better than willpower alone to quit smoking. The new methods of cognitive hypnotherapy developed in recent years involve making interventions to change the saboteur inside you that has driven you to smoke up until now. What makes the cognitive hypnotherapy effective is each treatment is individualized and tailor made using your own words and psychology.

This involves an initial assessment asking:
  • Why you started smoking in the first place,
  • What may have caused you to start up again having previously given up,
  • The exact context (where and when) you are the most likely to smoke and most vulnerable to starting again,
  • What triggers you to reach for a cigarette.
The purpose of this is to explore the internal psychological processes that trigger your desire to smoke so we can change them using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

Traditionally hypnotherapy involved being put into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state and then the hypnotherapist would read the same stopping smoking script to everyone. These scripts were not tailor-made using the unique combination of language, strengths, capabilities, weaknesses, memories and personal histories that make us unique individuals. Cognitive hypnotherapy uses your individual qualities to change your mind into that of a non-smoker.

In my approach I am particularly interested in the part of the person that takes over, hijacks if you will, and drives you to smoke again despite your conscious intention and desire to give up. It can be seen as if this subconscious part of you has the power to hypnotise you and override your conscious intentions. In cognitive hypnotherapy we call this every day hypnotic state a trance identity, and part of the treatment is to find out how the smoking trance state works inside you, and use hypnotherapy treatments to release you, and de-hypnotise you from the smoking trance that hijacks you in certain situations.

During the treatment you will be guided to perform mental exercises that change and remodel the part of you that drives you to smoke. These exercises are simple and performed while you are in a deeply relaxed state.

The therapeutic hypnotic state is nothing to be afraid of, it has nothing to do it has nothing to do with so-called stage hypnotism, and you don’t have to follow a swinging watch with your eyes! It is similar to the state you would get into in a meditation class or the guided relaxation you do at the end of the yoga class. In this relaxed state where your conscious mind is virtually asleep you can be guided to explore and change previously hidden subconscious processes that aren’t working for you in a healthy way.

It is recommended that a followup session be scheduled several months into the future to mop up any remnants of your previous unhealthy mental habits and consolidate the ex-smoker state.

Bicom Resonance Therapy

Bicom resonance therapy has been developed in Germany over the last 40 years. It is a little difficult to describe so for simplicity think of it as a kind of electro acupuncture device (without any needles). It can be used to stimulate your body to detoxify the nicotine and other chemicals you have been ingesting, and very quickly help you overcome the physical craving and addiction part of smoking. Many people find that they feel physically repulsed by the smell and taste of tobacco smoke after Bicom treatment.

Having Bicom resonance therapy at the same time as the cognitive hypnotherapy does not involve any extra expense or effort on your part, it is just an additional therapeutic approach you will receive during your sessions.

The classic way to use Bicom resonance therapy to stop smoking is that you smoke your last cigarette outside the clinic and bring the fag end into your appointment to provide the toxic sample for the Bicom resonance device. So to benefit from this method please bring a used cigarette to your appointment.

Another method I can use that some people find very useful is called emotional freedom technique or EFT for short. This involves spending a few minutes every day tapping specific acupuncture points, whilst at the same time mentally focusing on the mental qualities you wish to change.

If this is a method that suits you we can include it during your sessions. 

What happens in your treatment:

First you are sent a questionnaire about your smoking habits by email.

During your first appointment we have a discussion about your smoking habits. Together with the questionnaire this will reveal the different parts of you, the parts that still want to smoke and the parts that want to quit.  after this appointment you begin to cut down your smoking ready for quitting after the next appointment.  

From this conversation I develop a personalised hypnotherapy intervention based on your unique conscious and subconscious thought patterns ready for the the next appointment.

At the next appointment you smoke your last cigarette just before the appointment and bring the smoked cigarette end to the session.  
That last cigarette you smoked is used in the Bicom treatment device and you will have magnetic electrodes placed on you.  
Now for the hypnosis, as you are having the Bicom tobacco detox you are guided into a hypnotic state. To you this will be just like being talked down into a deeply relaxed, sleep-like state.  In this state you have the ability to access and change the parts of your subconscious mind that drive you to smoke. You will be guided to ‘see’ the smoking saboteur for what it is, for the harm and expense it causes for little gain, perhaps the saboteur temporarily blinds you from the future consequences of smoking etc. etc.

By revealing the saboteur and summoning your subconscious strengths and desires to quit smoking releases you from the grip of the smoking trance.

Everyone is different and it is at his time that I use the personal information gathered from our previous conversation and the questioner.

When you awake the part of you that wanted to smoke will not have the power it used to.  

After your appointment you receive (by email) a free recording to reinforce the effects. Each recording is individualised to include the important aspects of your personal psychology that links you to smoking. Listen to the recording daily for a while and become an ex smoker. (You can listen to your recording in your computer or as an mp3 in your player).  

The way I get results is not to stop there but to have a third session one week later to reinforce any areas of weakness or temptation that may be a concern.  This adds up to three appointments at weekly intervals.  There are other hypnotic approaches you can find that do it all in one appointment, I believe my method is superior, giving both me time to perfect and individulise the hypnotic interventions and giving your mind more time to integrate and consolidate the change. 
My fees are £150 for the first 90 min session and £80 for 1 hour follow ups the cost of three weekly sessions is £310.
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What I Treat

I treat and coach people with mental health problems at my London clinic and via Skype how to use natural remedies, diet, brain training meditations, sleep and specific physical exercises to treat the health of the brain for mental health problems including:
  • bipolar syndrome,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • addiction, panic disorder OCD and PTSD
I teach meditation brain training classes both  one-to-one and in small groups to rewire the brain and treat mental health problems.  I also see clints for cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP amygdala reprogramming or exposure therapy to treat anxiety spectrum disorders.
I regret that at this time do not treat psychotic conditions including schizophrenia at this time. 

I Specialise in the treatment of digestive health problems:
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • SIBO  (which can be the cause of  60% of IBS)
  • Bloating, constipation etc.
To book an appointment for the above conditions at my London clinic call my clinic reception ,
tobook a Skype appointment do not call my clinic  email me directly

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To make an appointment at my London clinic (not for Skype appointments) call my reception:
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