Poor Circulation & Varicose Veins

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The goal here is to strengthen the blood vessel walls, reduce inflammation in the vein valves and vessels (if present) and improve circulation with remedies and exercises. 
Top supplements are Vitamin E, the bioflavanoids (Hesperadin, Rutin), Vitamin C and Silica.
The Silica strengthen the tissues, the other supplements both strengthen and reduce inflammation. 
I recommend Higher Nature True Food 200 mg Or Natures Own Food State Dose: 1 two or three times per day. you could do 3 per day for a month then 2 per day until symptoms are under control then try 1 per day as a maintenance. 
If you use a none True Food/ Food State I would take stronger 400 i.u. capsules and the same number as above. 
Cytoplan Vitamin C Extra is great for this job as it contains high bioflavanod complex. Dose: 2 twice per day, as a long term maintenance. 
Biocare Vitamin C 1000 mg 3 twice per day OR Higher Nature True Food magnesium 50 3 per day divided between 2 meals. 
For best results alternate the silica between the homeopathic form and the ‘material’ form on a monthly basis. 
Lamberts Silica 3 per day for a month then
New Era Tissue Salts Combination L (for varicose veins and circulatory disorders). Another great form is somewhere between the two from Blackmores Celloid Salts S for silica. 
It seem they all work slightly differently and you may benefit from the combination or more from one type so experiment as to what works best for you. 
To get the magnesium to work you will need at least a B complex. The Higher nature True Food is excellent 1 twice per day, or better still would be a multi vitamin /mineral high in selenium. The selenium protects the vitamin E to work longer. 
Herbs can be very useful especially in the beginning. Take Butchers Broom for varicose veins, add cayenne if you have cold hands or feet or if your feet have a reddish purple colour. Try pressing and releasing the skin on your feet and if you see a big colour change take the cayenne. 
Take the herbs for about 6 months and always miss out one day per week to stop the body just getting used to them. 
The blood and lymph from the legs drain –against gravity- into big vessels in the abdomen. The body relies on the belly and legs being pumped by constant exercising and physical work. The problem in the developed world is we have all become sedentary office workers. 
Two exercises stand out as great antidotes to this problem. The re-bounder (I use the pro-bounce) shakes the body up better than general jogging. Just don’t go over on your ankles and if you are overweight come down on both feet together (i.e. just jump up and don) to save your knees. Start gently on a few minutes and build up, you can make it very aerobic by holding weights in your hands and jogging/ jumping high. Re-bounders are especially good for thread veins, they don’t go completely but they do get smaller and less noticeable. For thread-veins add additional hesperadin and rutin for several months. Get the re-bounder with collapsible legs so it goes flat up against a wall. I keep mine in the living room behind the sofa and jog for 30 mins. while watching TV. 
When you first go on a re-bounder it may feel like its making things worse, just build up very slowly, and perform the next exercise for a couple of minutes before you use the re-bounder. 
The other exercise is to prop yourself upside down on your shoulders and elbows and do breath of fire. Breath of fire is forceful quick belly breathing. You really need someone to show you how to do it. This exercise rapidly empties the stagnant blood and lymph in the abdomen, do it when you get home from sitting all day at work, two-three minutes once or twice per day is fine. If you have high blood pressure cure that first (I’ve got good treatments for that) before you do this exercise.
An inversion table would also do the same job, but you would have to hang for say ten minutes to get the same results. Inversion tables are great for the back. 
You must also clear constipation to improve drainage in the abdomen (I have herbal and dietary programs to treat that). But always eat more vegetables.
Lastly Hot and Cold baths. Hold a showerhead on your legs with hot water for say one minute until your feet swell up a bit and then switch to cold. The cold phase should last quite few minutes. Basically you are looking to chill the flesh and cause the blood vessels to contract. If you have time do the hot and cold cycle again. Always end on cold. If you are tough enough soak in a full cold bath until your teeth chatter. These hydrotherapy techniques are not for every day, as they are quite time consuming. The immediate benefits may only seem to last a few hours but are worth the work.
My own experience was that for the first couple of years while I took the vitamins, herbs, better diet and exercise I would have phases lasting a few weeks when I could feel my veins again especially in hot weather. This is when I used the hydrotherapy techniques, and they really got me through that phase and stopped the valves becoming inflamed and chronic. Whenever you have a bad phase you should go back on the higher doses of the supplements for a while. Eventually the bad phases become less and easier to manage or just stop altogether. 
I’ve not used it but people say the herb Gotu Kola increases collagen formation and should be helpful long term. If you think it helps you please let me know so I can pass on the recommendation to other people.  
Be Well
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