Long-distance Self-help Coaching Session via Skype/FaceTime

I offer self-help coaching sessions via Skype and the telephone for people that live too far away from London to attend my clinic and for patients that have previously attended my clinic it can be a helpful way of answering questions and obtaining follow-up advice.   

Long-distance Coaching Terms

I must make it clear for legal and insurance reasons that for people that have not previously attended my clinic these distant self-help coaching sessions are not the same thing as a proper medical consultation, we can discuss the types of natural remedies, techniques and treatment options you could try should you choose to try and work on your health problem yourself but you alone are fully responsible for choosing to try or follow any of the information you pick up during a self-help coaching session.
Despite these conversations not being the same as a proper medical consultation I offer them for people who cannot find an appropriate practitioner in their area and you should still be able to obtain useful information and answers to your questions about how to use natural self-help therapies for your specific health problem.
Although I wholeheartedly believe in natural remedies and self-help approach I recommend that you work with the assistance and support of an appropriate local medical practitioner whenever possible, especially if you going to make any significant changes such as deciding to discontinue using any prescription medication.
The Skype/telephone talk would be followed up with an email with personal self-help recommendations of remedies, dietary therapy and natural therapy techniques you could try for yourself to improve your health. It is not possible for me to gather the same depth of information about your life situation as I could when a person visit my clinic and so you must think carefully about your circumstances so that you make an educated and informed decision before you decide to discontinue using any prescription medication you are currently on and experiment with alternative remedies. Remember the principle rule of medicine: “first do no harm”. I would hate for someone to miss use the information I provide on my website or in a self-help Skype coaching session and come to any harm, please be safe.
Ask yourself is this an appropriate point in time for you to experiment with these self-help techniques? Do you have an adequate level of understanding or education? Do you have adequate support structures, coping strategies and self-awareness?
I have used natural remedies non-mainstream therapies to treat my own health problems since 1986, I wholeheartedly believe in self-help medicine and that these techniques are safe. I have never had a patient come to any harm by trying the techniques I use in my clinic and to the best of my knowledge they have no harmful side-effects when used properly however it’s possible for some of the remedies I use to produce harmful interactions when taken at the same time as prescription drugs, for example taking the amino acid tryptophan and an SSRI antidepressant together at the same time you may hypothetically produce too much serotonin, or taking turmeric and a blood thinning medication like warfarin can make the blood too thin. 
We can talk about remedies, medicines and treatment options but you are ultimately responsible for your own health and for gathering enough information and understanding to be able to make an informed decision before trying any new remedies or techniques. So I'm very happy to talk with you and will give you the best advice I can but in today's world I must make it clear that a Skype or telephone conversation is outside normal professional medical practise and that by booking a conversation with me you are consenting to take full responsibility for any and all of the consequences of trying any of the self-help techniques we discuss and that you are agreeing it is entirely your decision as an adult if you decide to change your current prescription,  or try any new remedies or therapeutic methods.  I’m sorry if the above sentence comes across in any way as intimidating or offputting :-)

To arrange a long distance coaching session contact me via email letting me know where you are located/what time zone you are in.
Do NOT call my clinic reception to make the Skype appointment.

My fees for long distance self-help coaching sessions are:
£120 for the initial session which lasts 1 1/2 hours (typically 2 hours), the session is followed up with a personal recommendation of natural remedies, dietary advice and brain training exercises sent via email.
Thereafter follow-up sessions cost:
£35 for the 1st 30 minutes, which is the minimum and then:
£15 for each additional 15 minutes i.e.:
£50 for 45 minutes,
£65 for 60 minutes
£65 for 60 minutes,
with a minimum of 30 minutes for £30
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Hi my name is Peter Smith I specialise in treating and coaching people how to live well with mental health problems, digestive health problems/IBS, sleep problems and type II diabetes using natural therapies.
I used these techniques to overcome and live well with my own bipolar disorder and IBS. I've been in practice as a natural medicine practitioner since 1988.

What I Treat

  • Brain Chemistry and Mental Health problems (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, OCD)
  • Digestive Health: IBS, bloating, SIBO (which can be the cause of  60% of IBS) and parasites (with external lab testing)
  • Mercury and Heavy Metal Detoxification (with external lab testing)
  • Addiction (by balancingbrainchemistry, supporting healthy dopamine levels etc.)
  • Meditation and Relaxation brain-training for mental health problems, and adrenal exhaustion (individual and small classes)
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP
  • Drug-Free better Sleep
  • Insulin resistance, pre- and early type II diabetes
If you’d like treatment for any of the issues discussed in this article I specialise in treating and coaching people how to obtain better mental health with natural remedies and self-help techniques. If you would like me to look into your individual case and develop a tailor-made programme of natural remedies, dietary advice and brain training exercises I’m available for private consultations and I’m available for private consultations at my London clinic and online for people that live too far away.
I also run regular meditation classes in London and online.
I’m passionate about treating mental health and I’d be very happy to work with you.
Click on the
bookings tab to make an appointment.
To Book an Appointment
At my London clinic please call the Hale clinic reception:
020 7631 0156
(online bookings will be made available soon on the Hale Clinic website**)

For a Skype coaching session email me letting me know where you are located/what time zone you are in:

For enquiries/further information:
Mobile: 07941 331 329
Email: hello@PeterSmithUK.com

(please keep your email brief)

As a general rule improvements are seen within 2-3 appointments so you can quickly know if the treatments are helping you and you are making a good investment.
For a more information about me and what the conditions I treat click here: About About Peter Smith
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