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Treating Anxiety
Nutritional Medicine
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Treatment Plan

1/ If your anxiety is definitely situational or connected to a known traumatic event try hypnotherapy and NLP first if you are able to. 
2/ If you are unable to make use of therapy because your anxiety is too extreme and overwhelming, or your anxiety is free-floating try reducing your symptoms and stabilising your condition before trying therapy by supplementing GABA and serotonin boosting remedies. 
Experiment with increasing GABA and serotonin levels individually one at a time and then in combination both together to establish your ideal prescription. Keep a detailed journal of what you take each day so that you can refer back and work out what helps.
3/ Your brain chemistry and neurotransmitters may be out of balance because of mercury or other heavy metal toxins, if you so not make the progress you want to detoxifying mercury may allow your recovery to progress.  Balancing unstable blood sugar is always some help and brings other health benefits. Food allergies and sensitivities trigger the release of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, your brain may register the release of stress hormones as a threat and trigger an anxiety attack, so these may need to be treated see Allergies-&-Mental-Health.  

4/ Then as soon as you are able to consult a cognitive hypnotherapist or similar experienced therapist to permanently make long-lasting changes in your mind to more permanently deal with this problem.  With hypnotherapy and NLP you can reprogram the amygdala the subconscious fear centre of the brain so that it no longer automatically creating unwanted stress responses in your system and disconnect your mind from even registering the stress provoking triggers in the first place so that your brain does not respond to whatever was provoking your anxiety in the past. The goal is to get your brain to respond to the things that used to trigger anxiety like other none anxious brains. 

Anxiety Treatment Balancing Brain Chemistry


GABA The Brains Natural Valium

GABA is a calming inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is the brains natural endogenous Valium. It enables your brain to put an end to persistent worrying thoughts going around and around in your mind. Combined together we believe the inhibitory neurotransmitters GABA and serotonin it enable the brain to control anxiety.
When GABA levels are deficient it can make it hard almost impossible to stop worrying thoughts dominating and sometimes overwhelming your mind, even ordinary stresses and worries can be hard to manage. 
One may develop:-
·         Anxiety, fearful, free floating anxiety.
·         Panic attacks, nervy/stressed.
·         Racing thoughts, inability to relax.
·         Insomnia.
·         get physical aches and pains because the nerves keep firing, possible causing/contributing to fibromyalgia.
·         Headaches.
·         IBS.
·         Carbohydrate cravings.
Adequate GABA and serotonin activity in the brain engenders a calm, balanced feeling. People with GABA dominant brains are often good organisers they can handle complex and stressful positions. A film producer for example has to manage multiple stress situations and crises in a single day at a fast and demanding pace. To cope with such a position takes lots of GABA activity to stay calm and put each stress full event behind them without dwelling on it as soon as the situation is resolved. 
Anxiety treatment natural remedies

Without adequate GABA and serotonin levels not only can worrying thoughts persist longer than they need to, but as they go around and around they can escalate, gain momentum and grow into enormous, disturbing levels of fear, stress and anxiety. Persistent anxiety can ruin a person's life experience, it can debilitate their ability to function normally engaging in work, relationships and recreation. 
Anxiety due to low levels of GABA can be effectively helped using natural remedies that boost GABA levels and put the brakes on anxious thoughts. Balancing brain chemistry in this way can be an effective long-term therapy in its own right, however -helpful this treatment can be- it has the inherent problem relying purely on external remedies to top up GABA levels and unfortunately one can rarely maintain an absolutely stable and symptom free state without also using psychological approaches. 
An inherent problem with anxiety can be that the person is too afraid to try hypnosis and other psychological therapies fearing how it will make them feel.
The good news is that by increasing GABA and serotonin levels with natural remedies first can enable you to engage in useful psychotherapy without becoming overwhelmed. Even still any psychotherapy technique that relies heavily upon the person connecting to their painful feelings, experiencing and discussing them (associated technique) will at best struggle to be useful and may simply be unable proceed. I am a tremendous advocate of psychotherapy and it is with some considerable regret that I have to conclude that most psychotherapy techniques are in practice incapable of managing and treating many forms of anxiety. I suggest that any therapist reading this who does not at least understand the nature of the problem I'm talking about has never met anyone with real phobias or free-floating anxiety. 

GABA supplements include:-

The amino acid GABA and theanine for detailed GABA boosting protocols book and appointment. See GABA Deficient Anxiety

Serotonin & Anxiety

Although GABA is the brains primary inhibitory neurotransmitter it is common today to prescribe antidepressant drugs that increase serotonin (SSRIs) to treat anxiety. See GABA Deficient Anxiety

Which Neurotransmitter to Boost for Anxiety GABA or Serotonin 

Both GABA and serotonin are inhibitory (sedating) neurotransmitters and as such can enable us to control anxious thoughts. It will vary from individual to individual whether increasing GABA or serotonin levels will have the best therapeutic effects with anxiety disorder. As mentioned elsewhere in this book at this point in time there is absolutely no reliable way of measuring neurotransmitter deficiencies in the brain (please don't waste your money on your intestines) and so which neurotransmitter is more important in your individual case is best determined by personal trial and error.

Anxiety Treatment by Reprogramming the Amygdala the Subconscious Fear centre of the Brian



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What I Treat

I treat and coach people with mental health problems at my London clinic and via Skype how to use natural remedies, diet, brain training meditations, sleep and specific physical exercises to treat the health of the brain for mental health problems including:
  • bipolar syndrome,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • addiction, panic disorder OCD and PTSD
I teach meditation brain training classes both  one-to-one and in small groups to rewire the brain and treat mental health problems.  I also see clints for cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP amygdala reprogramming or exposure therapy to treat anxiety spectrum disorders.
I regret that at this time do not treat psychotic conditions including schizophrenia at this time. 

I Specialise in the treatment of digestive health problems:
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • SIBO  (which can be the cause of  60% of IBS)
  • Bloating, constipation etc.
To book an appointment for the above conditions at my London clinic call my clinic reception ,
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