speed up recovery from benzodiazepine withdrawal can be speeded up by increasing GABA A receptors with natural remedies treatment,

How to Accelerate Benzo Withdrawal by Increasing GABA A Receptor Sensitivity and Boosting Neuroplasticity to Grow New Synapses with Natural Remedies

You can speed up benzo withdrawal recovery by up-regulating neuroplasticity to increase the growth of new healthy synapses and improving synaptic plasticity to grow new GABA A receptor sites and at the same time eliminating things that impede neuroplasticity such as neuroinflammation
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benzo withdrawal recoveryThere is a myth going around the Internet that there is nothing you can do to speed up recovery from benzo withdrawal especially in forums, people say all you can do is suffer and wait for your brain to slowly regenerate GABA activity, but the process (neuroplasticity) by which the brain re-establishes healthy GABA activity can be speeded up, we can up-regulate neuroplasticity in our brain and we can make big changes that reduce and ideally eliminate the things that are undermining our neuroplasticity and by combining these two things our brains neuroplastic ability to regenerate is increased so it shortens the healing time.

People that have the worst experiences with benzo discontinuation syndrome and long recovery times are the people that are drawn to benzo withdrawal forums, there are other people whose brains bounce back quite quickly but they don’t talk about it online, I’ve met many that did not find coming off benzos that bad, they just tapered off slowly and were quite quickly they went back to the baseline of anxiety or whatever they had that led them to take the benzos in 1st place. Now, this begs the question why do benzos produce such harmful and long-lasting effects in some people and not in others, and more importantly what if anything can we do to make the brains of people that struggle to recover more like the brains of people that recover quickly.
How long it takes a person to recover from benzo’s or any other drug that causes dependency for that matter varies enormously it depends on:-
  1. the individuals’ neuroplastic abilities which can vary a lot between people
  2. the strength of things like hidden chronic inflammation in the brain, free radical stress and toxins that cause damage to the brain and work against neuroplasticity. 
Elsewhere I discuss how both of these things can be changed in the positive direction to shorten the recovery time from any drug that has caused habituation; I have been developing treatment methods to up-regulate neuroplasticity by increasing BDNF production and eliminating or reducing the factors that work against neuroplasticity since 2012.
To read about this treatment click here: Benzo Withdrawal Treatment with Natural Remedies
BDNF is produced in the brain and promotes the growth of new dendrites, the branches that extend from one neuron to another to form new synapses (synaptogenesis); so up-regulating BDNF production increases the rate of growth of brand-new synapses that have not been desensitised by benzos all other drugs this is a key component of my drug recovery treatment.
Not only can neurons grow brand-new synapses but the synapses themselves have plasticity, called synaptic plasticity. Benzo drugs are notorious for quickly and aggressively desensitising GABA synapses, they literally cause the synapse to lose active receptor sites, after you stop taking the drugs however the synapses can regain their sensitivity by restoring the number of receptor sites. Research in this area is thin, but it appears that we can influence synaptic plasticity and speed up the re-sensitisation to GABA of the ‘damaged’ synapses.
In addition to up-regulating BDNF production and synaptic plasticity, it is critically important to eliminate or at least minimise the factors that work against neuroplasticity, things like:-
  • Free radical,
  • Oxidation and nitrosative damage,
  • The presence of highly neurotoxic substances such as heavy metals,
  • Hidden chronic inflammation in the brain,
There are several things that can trigger inflammation in the brain including:-
  • Overactivation of the body's HPA stress system from stress, trauma and genetic makeup,
  • Dietary errors and I meet people every week that think their diet is good, but it has errors that inhibit neuroplasticity
  • Infections whether known or stealth,
  • Faults in gut permeability, the microbiome or the gut-brain axis,
  • A topic disorders (allergies, autoimmune conditions)
  • Common deficiencies in specific vitamins (D3, B12, folate and methylating vitamins especially if you have the MTHFR gene mutation),
  • A high BMI index (being overweight) especially excess internal visceral fat,
  • Inadequate sleep,
  • Smoking, the good news is that nicotine  actually good for neuroplasticity so you can carry on taking nicotine but you have to find an alternative delivery system to inhaling smoke,
  • Too little and even too much exercise.
You have to create the right physiological conditions in the brain before you can significantly up-regulate neuroplasticity, a gardening analogy would be a seed will not start germinating unless the environmental conditions are just right, if the soil is too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold, too acid or too alkaline the tiny little delicate roots will not grow. Eliminating inflammation and the other things on the above list is creating the right environment, increasing BDNF production is like adding seedling and root growth fertiliser. When you put these 2 things together you give nature a helping hand speed-up the brain’s innate ability to recover from drug withdrawal.
In my practice, I’ll combat every single one of the above things just to be on the safe side because if any one of them is left unresolved it could inhibit progress and I don’t want to be several months into the treatment and hardly anything it happened because I didn’t target one of the above. Furthermore even when something on the above list is not that significant combating and improving it may contribute a little bit more healing, let me put it like this I’m prepared to ask someone to do something difficult like give up their favourite food even if doing so would only make 5% improvement because when I had that 5% and all the other 5% I obtain from all the other components of the treatment it could add up to a significant contribution moreover that last few percents may be what’s required in an individual to reach the tipping point from negative plasticity maintaining no progress to positive plasticity and recovery. This can make the treatment feel very demanding for some people and I want to be upfront about that.
Benzo’s can be one of the hardest types of drug to give up, for some people when they try to discontinue benzos they discover that these drugs have desensitised their brain to GABA so when they stop the drug GABA activity in their brain plummets producing horrendous even dangerous withdrawal side effects; benzos can even induce severe anxiety in people that never had anxiety in the 1st place.
Some lucky people brains bounce back and recover GABA sensitivity relatively quickly within a few weeks to months, for many others unfortunately recovery can be painfully slow taking perhaps 1 to 3 years and then in some very unfortunate individuals their brains neuroplastic abilities are so weak that they don’t fully regenerate.

In Summary

Recovery from benzo’s is a natural healing process, how long it takes depends upon how severely your GABA synapses have been desensitised by the benzo drugs in the 1st place, then it depends on how good or bad the neuroplastic abilities of your brain are on the one hand versus the strength of the opposing damaging factors such as hidden neuroinflammation. We can change these things significantly in a positive direction to speed up neuroplastic recovery from benzo’s and other drugs.
Another misunderstanding I’ve seen in forums is that any substance with GABA boosting effect including natural remedies like theanine, valerian or passionflower attaches to the GABA receptor sites in the same way that benzo drugs do and can cause desensitisation.
If you would like me to look into your individual case and develop a tailor-made programme of natural remedies, dietary advice and brain training exercises intended to improve the health of your brain and mental health I’m available for private consultations and group meditations at my London clinic or via Skype for people that live too far away. Click on the bookings tab to make an appointment.
I’m passionate about treating mental health and I’d be very happy to work with you.
Another misunderstanding I’ve seen in forums is that natural remedies with GABAergic effects including remedies like theanine, valerian or passionflower must attach to the GABA receptor sites and cause desensitisation of the synapses in the same way the benzodiazepine drugs can do. If this is a concern you have and want to read more about it click here Are Natural Remedies Safe Benzodiazepine Withdrawal?
If you are suffering from prolonged with benzo withdrawal and want to read more about my treatment methods to both ease and speed up the process click here: Benzo Withdrawal Treatment with Natural Remedies
If you’d like me to evaluate your case and develop an individual programme of natural remedies, specific dietary advice, physical and brain training exercises intended to improve the health of your brain to promote a shorter benzo recovery I’d be very happy to work with you. I offer appointments at my London clinic or via Skype for people that live too far away.
I’d like to add a couple of additional afterthoughts I think are important:
I believe people with anxiety can be psychologically harmed by the Internet particularly on forums.
This will sound like an obvious thing to say but mental illnesses messes with your mind, anxiety distorts your perception of risk, even though you may think you are objectively researching the subject and making sense of it and making logical choices if you have anxiety your brain chemistry and neurocircuitry is altered making you hypervigilant of potential threats and exaggerating your awareness of risks whilst negating your conceptualisation of safety. So your eyes and attention will be drawn to side-effects and dangers of taking the wrong thing for example and then the lack of GABA which put the brakes on anxious thoughts going around and around won’t let you stop thinking about this.
If you are also suffering from depression your brain is altered in biochemical and physiological ways that distorts your perception of optimism versus pessimism about getting healed for example so you are drawn to reading stories about people who have been permanently damaged by benzos and never get well even after decades and then the depressed neuro circuitry ruminates on this information.
I have bipolar disorder so sometimes my brain is flooded with glutamate, dopamine and norepinephrine, it’s like being high on cocaine. One of the feelings and behaviours this produces is basically the opposite anxiety, the elevated norepinephrine makes me ignore risks even when I can see them and engage in risky behaviours and even though I know it’s happening again and the biochemistry and physiology in my manic brain is distorting my perceptions all the thoughts and feelings I have are literally completely real to me, they don’t just feel real as far as I’m concerned this is reality; conversely after my glutamate dopamine and norepinephrine circuits have been burnt out and exhausted and I mean a depression phase by perception of the world and my life as pessimistic, futile, hopeless again feel completely real and when I’m either of these phases it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s not real and that my perceptions are out of balance. A popular misconception about bipolar mania is that it always makes you feel happy and euphoric but actually I have very fragile GABA physiology it is either quickly frazzled or overwhelmed by the excess glutamate (GABA and glutamate basically counterbalance each other) so I often experience intense anxiety and agitation when I manic. It was experimenting with GABAergic remedies like L-theanine, passionflower, taurine and even GABA itself during these phases of anxiety and agitation that 1st developed my personal and professional understanding of how to manipulate out of balance GABA physiology.
So back to the forums now let me say I’m a huge supporter of self-help medicine, it saved my life but it’s turned into people with no background in biology let alone medicine self-prescribing remedies to act in the brain which is the most complicated and unknown field in medicine; I started with a degree in biomedical science then went on to study nutrition beginning in practice in 1988 and I would say that I only really began to develop effective treatments for the brain and mental health problems in the mid-naughties after 15 years in practice and it is only the last 6/7 years since I developed treatment for neuroplasticity and neuroinflammation that I feel really getting to grips with this subject. Now I’m not saying this to boast at all let me put it like this I’m not unintelligent and yet it took me decades of full-time work to develop an understanding of how to use natural remedies in a useful way for brain and mental health problems. So when somebody with no training or experience in medicine and nutrition take the remedy in a way that I would never recommend and then shares in a forum that it produced a bad reaction it shouldn’t inform you that used in the right way the remedy is a problem, but that’s not what your anxious brain will or can do with the information; so be careful and smart about what you expose your mind to when you have any mental health problem but for some reason especially for anxiety. It is my observation and belief that the combination of anxiety, the Internet and forums can produce something that can be significantly increased anxiety and genuinely harmful. There is actually another group of people for whom I believe this is also true and that is people with anorexia who help each other in forums to work out more efficient ways to starve themselves to death, the body dysmorphia anorexia produces distorts their perception of their body.
Ask yourself when you leave an anxiety forum or chat room has it helped you or harmed you? Are you inspired to action or more afraid to take action? Are you clearer or more confused?
I know there’s a lot of helpful value in sharing information and anecdotes online but I do want to draw your attention to the possibility their anxiety is made worse in anxiety forums.
There is some talk online about some wonder drugs developed in the Soviet Union back in the day claimed to massively up-regulate neuroplasticity, there are ridiculous numbers being quoted like 1 million times stronger than BDNF. Excuse me for repeating myself but I do this for a living and I’m telling you that’s nonsense 1 million times! That’s a made up number, how was it measured I mean to say you couldn’t accurately measure something like that today let alone back in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and was it just tested on half a dozen rats and what did the rest of the rat look like after the treatment I mean what with the side-effects and the rest of the body. If modern licensed antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction and weight gain and benzos can cause GABA desensitisation and horrendous withdrawal are you going to take a chance on an experimental drug from the 1970s not developed for human use that you bought on the dark web. PS I’m really busy so please don’t write to me about these drugs I’m not interested potentially harmful things I’ll never use.

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