Hi my name is Peter Smith I specialise in treating and coaching people how to live well with mental health problems, digestive health problems/IBS, sleep problems and type II diabetes using natural therapies.
I used these techniques to overcome and live well with my own bipolar disorder, IBS, I also briefly had and reversed type II diabetes. You can read about my mental health recovery story  here.

I have practised nutritional and functional medicine for since 1988, today I use diet, amino acids, supplements and natural remedies to balance brain chemistry for mental health problems and to assist drug addiction recovery when combined with appropriate drug counselling.
My academic background and training.
At university I studied human sciences including pharmacology and biochemistry of mental health disorders, my intention was to become a medical science researcher in the end my own research and journey to find cures for my own health problems led to me becoming a practitioner specialising in mental and digestive health.
After learning that pharmaceutical treatment of long-term mental health problems were not particularly effective in the first place, rarely led to long term cures and commonly produced undesirable side-effects I decided that I did not want to use them to treat my own mental health problems which had already had for almost 10 years by then. In 1981 I asked one of my professors do we know what actually causes mental health problems like depression and are we close to developing a cure, he replied oh gosh no we have no clue what actually causes depression we just accidentally discovered some drugs that alleviate the symptoms and all we do in pharmaceutical research is try to develop new versions of these drugs that are more effective with less side effects; I also learned that medical research in this area was primarily driven by the goal to develop profitable drugs which is not the same thing as being driven by the goal to develop a permanent cure.
At 25 I had bipolar disorder with life-threatening depressions, worsening manias that were eventually going to get me sectioned, I also had recurrent malaria and irritable bowel syndrome as souvenirs from a trip to India and modern medicine had no cures for any of these, so I embarked on a 12 year educational program looking for solutions to overcome the mental illness and physical health problems. I trained in nutritional and naturopathic medicine, body centred psychotherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, teaching meditation, NLP and cognitive hypnotherapy, I also went on a journey through very unconventional healing modalities such as spiritual and shamanic healing.
Scientifically it’s very easy to ridicule alternative healing therapies and my scientific training used to regularly do that but when you have an illness that regularly tries to kill you it changes your perspective and you become prepared to try anything. I started thinking outside the box and exploring any and every possibility that could be contributing to my mental health problems. I spent a fortune on trying all kinds of therapies I had a lot of fun but in the end out of all the techniques I tried there was only two that really made any difference to my mental health and these were nutritional/natural remedies to target my brain chemistry and psychotherapy techniques.
I learned how to use natural remedies to control my neurotransmitter balance to switch off my bipolar depressions and eventually how to prevent and stabilise and prevent the manias. Of course my brain chemistry is not identical to my patients and the art of good medicine is learning how to combine and adapt techniques to unique individual cases and health problems that you may not have necessarily had yourself.
Beyond Neurotransmitters
Thinking outside the box and looking for any and every possible contribution to the imbalance in my brain
I looked at heavy-metal poisons such as mercury and developed a system to detoxify heavy metals (see heavy metal detoxification), (may require external laboratory testing/diagnosis).
I looked at how imbalanced blood sugar levels can contribute to mental health problems and develop treatments for unstable blood sugar contributing to mental health problems, insulin resistance and type II diabetes.
I looked at how imbalanced hormones particularly hypo-thyroid can contribute to mental health problems and developed treatments for hypo-thyroid, please note if the primary cause of your hypothyroidism is autoimmunity this is outside my area of expertise and you should consult with a specialist in autoimmunity.
I looked at how inflammation in the brain can contribute to mental health problems and how to treat a various causes of inflammation in the brain including allergies, leaky gut syndrome, imbalanced stress responses (for which the psychotherapy is helpful), oxidative stress etc etc.
I was doing this in the 80s and 90s before the Internet existed at that time besides a handful of books there was hardly information available to help guide me about these techniques so I just had to go ahead and perform each treatment on myself to see if it would help; even treatments that didn’t help me personally served as an education.
Over the last 10 years it’s become increasingly understood that traumatic memories and stressful psychology can trigger excessive stress responses in our body resulting increased levels of inflammatory chemicals in the brain that attack and alter the function in key structures of the brain involved in mental health problems this is known as the BDNF hypothesis of mental illness. I’ve been using the BDNF hypothesis to develop new techniques to treat mental health problems that go way beyond simply rebalancing the level of neurotransmitters in the synapses; firstly I drew from my training in nutrition and herbal medicine to put together a stack of natural remedies to boost BDNF levels combined with a specific diet and exercises to stimulate BDNF production and neuroplasticity, secondly I drew from my training in Yoga and meditation to put together specific brain training techniques to train the brain how to directly switch off excessive stress responses which trigger the release of inflammatory chemicals in the brain, thirdly I trained in cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to ‘remodel’ stressful/traumatic memories stored in our subconscious and maybe the original source of excessive stress responses.
Unestablished mental health problems can take a considerable toll on the health brain and I was no exception, without any available resources to guide me it took me years to fully rebalance my brain and control my bipolar disorder and the cumulative effect of the condition had diminished several aspects of my cognitive abilities. In my early 50s after a year of research I applied all the elements of my experimental (but safe I hasten to add) BDNF/neuroplasticity protocol and I not only did I regain the cognitive abilities that had declined but some aspects my brain function (my hearing) actually became better than it had been in my mid 30s possibly even my 20s.
Rewiring the Brain
Over the last few years I’ve been putting a lot of work into how to improve my treatment of anxiety disorders, we now understand that by repeatedly having anxious thoughts lead to the circuits in the brain involved in those thought processes growing stronger and I believe successful treatment of anxiety must involve intensive brain training to grow alternative circuits that switch off anxious and fearful thought processes.
Amygdala Reprogramming
Some anxiety disorders originate in the subconscious parts of the brain (the amygdala) that do not respond well to thinking or talking psychotherapies an example of which would be panic attacks come out of the blue, reprogramming the amygdala is absolutely possible with a technique called exposure therapy but this therapy can be unpleasant to perform and offputting. In my practice I’ve adapted an experimental form of exposure therapy that was trialled by the American Marines to treat PTSD in which you preload the brain with calming antianxiety substances (the Marines used drugs I use natural remedies) and then whilst in an artificially induced calm and relaxed state undergo therapy recalling the trauma, triggers or even just the sensation or scenario of a panic/anxiety attack; the amygdala learns through experience and association and this experience can reprogram the associations it makes.
In the mid-80s I used a naturopathic theory that IBS was due to a buildup of toxic mucus in the intestines and did a herbal intestinal  ‘cleanse’, this reduced my IBS from several attacks a week to just a few a year which was not bad, then in the early 90s the theory was that IBS was connected to stress so I spent 50 hours training my brain to switch off overactivity in my autonomic nervous system on the theory that this clamped my intestines, disrupted normal rhythmical bowel movements and with the remaining cause of my occasional IBS, this completely and permanently eradicated my IBS.
I had great success treating IBS in my patients throughout the 90s, progressively however throughout the 00’s without realising the cause I began to have less success in treating IBS. I started to use the FODMAP’s theory of IBS which is the foods containing FODMAP carbohydrates cause the intestinal bacteria in some people to overgrow causing IBS; the FODMAP diet would bring such good relief to many people with IBS that it seemed logical to embrace it. We now believe that well over half of all IBS cases are caused by what is called small intestines bacterial overgrowth or SIBO and the FODMAP diet does indeed reduce this bacterial overgrowth and produce short-term relief, but paradoxically however the FODMAP diet actually makes it harder to permanently eradicate IBS. Eventually learning when and when not to use the FODMAP diet and how to eradicate SIBO explained how the winning formula for treating IBS I had originally stumbled upon worked, why I subsequently lost it and more importantly how to regain it.
Besides SIBO also treat intestinal parasites and candida or yeast overgrowth, (these treatments may require external laboratory testing/diagnosis).
I published my first book (Sleep Better with Natural Therapies) in 2013, I’m currently working on several other books on natural therapies but mainly write on my web blog.
We now know that the brain is plastic and highly repairable and in my practice I focus a lot on improving the fundamental health or neuroplasticity of the brain, this has been shown to play a major role in mental health problems. A new theory in psychiatric medicine is that low-grade inflammation in the brain plays a fundamental role in mental health problems; identifying and eliminating the source of information is important as is applying an anti-inflammatory diet and supplement protocol.
Another new understanding is that excessive stress responses and cortisol damage the functioning of key structures in the brain that control mood and mental health and that this phenomenon can be unwound with meditation and relaxation brain training.
A course of intensive meditative brain-training can stimulate a rewiring effect in the brain that can be helpful for mental health problems, I teach meditation and relaxation brain-training individually and in small groups. This may also be helpful for people with adrenal fatigue.
For anxiety and OCD I use a new approach of combining gradual exposure-therapy with natural antianxiety remedies to assist the process.
I trained in cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP and offer these therapies for people that want to ‘remodel’ unhelpful/unwanted psychological states.
I published my first book (Sleep Better with Natural Therapies) in 2013 and write on using natural therapies for mental health problems.
Since using natural therapies to overcome my own irritable bowel syndrome I continued to work and training this area including the new understanding of the role of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and parasites on IBS. (Testing for SIBO requires external laboratory analysis).
I started detoxifying Mercury from amalgam fillings in the late 80s and by the late 90s developed a two-step detoxification protocol for heavy metals. (Testing requires external laboratory analysis).
I trained in a wide range of natural medicines.
Qualifications: Dip. nutritional medicine, Dip. cognitive hypnotherapy, Cert. NLP practitioner, Dip. Chinese herbal medicine, Lic. acupuncture, Dip. Bicom resonance therapy.
(please note I no longer take appointments for Bicom therapy, Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture).
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Hi my name is Peter Smith I specialise in treating and coaching people how to live well with mental health problems, digestive health problems/IBS, sleep problems and type II diabetes using natural therapies.
I used these techniques to overcome and live well with my own bipolar disorder and IBS. I've been in practice as a natural medicine practitioner since 1988.

What I Treat

  • Brain Chemistry and Mental Health problems (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, OCD)
  • Digestive Health: IBS, bloating, SIBO (which can be the cause of  60% of IBS) and parasites (with external lab testing)
  • Mercury and Heavy Metal Detoxification (with external lab testing)
  • Addiction (by balancingbrainchemistry, supporting healthy dopamine levels etc.)
  • Meditation and Relaxation brain-training for mental health problems, and adrenal exhaustion (individual and small classes)
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP
  • Drug-Free better Sleep
  • Insulin resistance, pre- and early type II diabetes
If you’d like treatment for any of the issues discussed in this article I specialise in treating and coaching people how to obtain better mental health with natural remedies and self-help techniques. If you would like me to look into your individual case and develop a tailor-made programme of natural remedies, dietary advice and brain training exercises I’m available for private consultations and I’m available for private consultations at my London clinic and online for people that live too far away.
I also run regular meditation classes in London and online.
I’m passionate about treating mental health and I’d be very happy to work with you.
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As a general rule improvements are seen within 2-3 appointments so you can quickly know if the treatments are helping you and you are making a good investment.
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