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The target of 140/90 was arbitrarily set and close analysis of the research shows that it is not an optimal or acceptable level of blood pressure, so what is an optimal blood pressure is it 120/80, well studies show that in people with BP of 110/70 the rate the heart disease and stroke falls to practically zero.
Furthermore studies in rural Kenya you show the people that eat a diet based predominantly on plant foods i.e. beans, whole grains, vegetables and fruit do not have an increase in blood pressure as they grow older in fact their blood pressure declines compared to people eating the standard American diet in which blood pressure is found to almost universally increase with age.
Go Full Vegetarian the Dash diet is not enough
To lower your blood pressure to go full vegetarian, a study in California involving 89,000 people showed that going meat free cut the risk of hypertension by 50% but going meat, dairy and egg free cuts the risk by 75%; such a diet also reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes.
The Dash diet emphasises vegetables and low meat but it is not strictly vegetarian and only full vegetarian diets have been shown to achieve and maintain blood pressures as low as 110/70. There have even been studies that pay vegetarians to start eating meat and their blood pressure goes up.
And yes also lower your intake of salt.
If eating a plant-based wholefood diet is not enough to achieve 110/70 you can add the following additional supplements and techniques:
Hibiscus Tea As Effective As Antihypertensive Drugs
A couple of hibiscus tea with each meal has been shown to significantly lowers blood pressure, in another study 2 cups of hibiscus tea in the morning was shown to be as effective at lowering blood pressure as a leading antihypertensive drug called Captopril.
Ground Flaxseed Lowers Blood Pressure
Consuming a few tablespoons of fresh ground flaxseed significantly lowered blood pressure, it produced the biggest reduction in blood pressure ever achieved by a dietary intervention and is twice as effective as instituting an exercise-based program {PMID:24126178}, furthermore consuming flaxseeds comes with a host of other benefits including improved blood lipid/cholesterol profile and improved bowel function from the fibre.
Red Wine lowers blood pressure but only if the alcohol is been taken out!
[REFERENCES: you can easily find references to substantiate all the claims made above for yourself online enjoy]
Below are the additional remedies and techniques I use in my practice:
Follow a Low Sodium High Potassium Diet
The low sodium simply means cutting out added table salt, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for your tastebuds to adapt and change their sensitivity but eventually they do and food starts to taste good again without salt. Watch out for added salt on labels, choose no salt options or better still cook everything from scratch and don’t add any salt, eating out is a problem.
The high potassium part is easy pretty much all vegetables are rich in potassium so just eat a high vegetable diet and recovered. When you think of a high potassium food most people immediately think of bananas and although it’s true that bananas contain a lot of potassium compared to other fruit they do not contain a lot of potassium compared to vegetables and unlike vegetables bananas come with an unhealthy dollop carbohydrates particularly fructose which is no good for your health at all so stick to vegetables for your potassium.
In addition to reading lots of cooked vegetables, salads and vegetable rich soups another great way to quickly and easily consume large amounts of vegetables is to blend in something like a Nutribullet; if you can afford it Vitamix now make a small Nutribullet like model called the Vitamix S30, it’s much more expensive than the Nutribullet but the build quality is so much better and more importantly it tops up the vegetables much more finely, see YouTube.
Supplement magnesium lower blood pressure
There’s a pump embedded in the walls of every cell of your body that pumps sodium out of the cells and potassium into the cells called the sodium-potassium pump. This is actually a significant system we have trillions of cells in our body and each cell of the body has millions of sodium-potassium pumps, it’s been estimated that when a body is at rest between a quarter and perhaps even as much as a half of all the energy body produces is used up just pumping sodium out of and potassium into our cells, but our cells are leaky and the pumped sodium/potassium keep leaking back across the membrane.
Where magnesium comes into it is that for the sodium-potassium pump to work at all it requires the presence of magnesium as a cofactor and many people today are magnesium deficient because the level of magnesium enough fruits of declined.
Furthermore the way the pump works is that it cannot pump the sodium out unless there is enough potassium on the outside of the cells to pump in, you can see lovely animations to show you why this is on YouTube. When you put together a low magnesium and potassium diet (i.e. a low vegetable diet) the sodium-potassium pump slows down and when you eat a lot of salt the amount of sodium leaking back across the membrane goes up as does your blood pressure. So to lower your blood pressure get your sodium-potassium pump working with a low salt, high vegetable diet along with some supplemental magnesium.
Vitamins E that only the Gamma E form lowers blood pressure and protects against cardiovascular disease
Contrary to outdated information still going around on the Internet vitamin E does not initially rise blood pressure when you start to take it. Also the mixed results of the effect of vitamin E on cardiovascular disease seem to be attributable to studies not comparing or perhaps not even appreciating the difference between different types of vitamin E or tocopherols. It turns out that it is specifically gamma tocopherol that is protective against cardiovascular disease and unfortunately if you flood your body with other forms of tocopherols such as alpha tocopherol which is used in cheap supplements you will end up actually displacing and decreasing the level of gamma tocopherol available to protect you from cardiovascular disease.
If you want to read more about the effects of different types of tocopherols I recommend the life extension.org website.
So if you have hypertension and are worried about cardiovascular disease do supplement vitamin the but only pure gamma tocopherol. I take Jarrow Gamma E.
Besides the above in my practice I also include herbal formulas including garlic, hawthorn and others.
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