My current bipolar treatment regime:

If you want to read how I how I learned that I have bipolar syndrome and how I learned to treated click here.

My typical maintenance treatment consists of:
before getting out of bed I listen to a few minutes of regulars my eyes open receiving a few minutes of bright blue light therapy this has a natural antidepressant effect and resets the timing of my biological clock but on its own it would have a tendency to overstimulate my brain and causing to stay awake, however when I take a sublingual B12 at the same time the combination of B12 and bright light therapy increases the rate of melatonin production later in the day and actually helps me to sleep.
If I’m depressed or even sluggish the previous day I’ll take tyrosine upon rising to boost dopamine although I hardly ever have to do that these days.
With breakfast and dinner I’ll take a B complex, zinc, B6, lithium orotate, vitamins C, magnesium and sometimes Rhodiola. 
If I noticed myself speeding up i.e. becoming slightly manic by lunchtime I could adjust my neurotransmitter levels by taking some additional remedies however I only used to have to make a lunch time adjustment in the early days when I was still learning how to keep myself balanced I’m so balanced these days I haven't had to make a lunch time adjustment in years.
A few hours before going to bed I dim down my lights/electrical devices and wear blue-blocking glasses so that I can continue to use TV, computer monitors and tablet devices, I then sleep in a totally dark bedroom. It may seem like a strange concept if you’ve not heard of darkness therapy for bipolar syndrome but shutting off light exposure particularly blue light exposure to the brain for many hours a day has a therapeutic mood stabilising and anti-mania affect, I presume darkness therapy works because it affects (perhaps rests or resets) a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. This tiny structure in the brain runs our sleep cycles and 24-hour clock it is often significantly out of balance in bipolar syndrome and is connected to special cells in our eyes that only see blue light and whose job is to inform the brain when it daytime and nighttime; interestingly the enzymes in the suprachiasmatic nucleus that keeps time needs lithium as a cofactor to work. Setting up darkness therapy and learning how to extract a therapeutic effect from a tiny non-toxic dose of lithium have become key components of my wellness regime; they apply a permanent lid or break to the mania which then enables me to use more robust antidepressant treatments so that I can live not only without periodic bouts of mania but also completely without depression.
Last thing before bed I'll take: vitamins E, turmeric/curcumin, piperine and sometimes taurine, Magnolia bark or other BDNF boosting brain regenerating remedies.
I exercise several hours a week by commuting to work on a bicycle and I intend to add very short bursts of extremely high intensity interval training several times a week for its BDNF boosting brain regenerating properties.
I eat a diet that controls inflammation (see the anti-inflammatory diet) consisting of a palm-sized portion of protein, a small amount of carbohydrates with a glycaemic index above 70 and never any sugars, not excessive amounts of omega six oils, lots of dark coloured things like broccoli and blueberries for polyphenols, and EPA supplement and strictly limit heated (fried) oils because they contain oil-soluble free-radicals which may oxidise the precious omega-3 oils.  
The above regime may seem like a lot of things to do and pills to swallow but it doesn’t feel like that for me, without treatment I’m very ill the depressions in particular are so horrendous I would do anything to try and stop them, the experience of being in such psychological pain that that I tried hanging, drowning and throwing myself off cliffs and tall buildings is seared into my memory, so for me it’s an absolute pleasure to take treatments that completely switch all that off without side effects and enable me to enjoy life and explore my potential free from mental illness.
What would happen if I stopped taking my maintenance treatment is within a few weeks and sometimes within as little as five days my brain would begin to go out of balance, I would have phases when my brain would speed up (hypo-mania) and then crash down into depression, the first few times this happened it might be quite mild but sooner or later the mania would begin to destroy my life, my behaviour would be extreme, impulsive and embarrassing, basically I would look like someone high on cocaine and tequila and the depressions would be so painful and distort my perception of the world that I would think about killing myself to end the pain. 
I keep an eye on my condition by using a simple but effective self-monitoring system, I keep an eye on the following three things:-
my ‘speed’, 
the amount of sleep I need and 
my interest in things on my not to-do when your manic list (addictive, pleasurable hedonistic, risky, impulsive, reckless behaviours). 
When a person becomes manic or start heading in that direction the speed at which they think, move around, talk and how productive they are all increase; heading in the other direction everything begins to slow down, I’ve found this is a very simple to use and reliable way of monitoring my bipolar syndrome enabling me to know when I need to adjusting my prescription. 
So for example if I observe myself speeding up (becoming manic) I take my foot off the gas pedal (dopamine) and take less or no dopamine precursors, no antidepressant remedies including bright light therapy etc., if that's not enough to reduce the speed I will apply the brake pedal as well by increasing the time spent in darkness therapy and take remedies that dampen the brain down including branched chain amino acids which deplete dopamine precursors, glycine, taurine, in the past I used to have to occasionally increase the dosage of the lithium orotate. 
If I observe myself slowing down (becoming depressed) I simply put my foot on the gas peddle, take more remedies to increase dopamine and maybe serotonin production, increase the bright light therapy and if necessary add additional antidepressant remedies including: SAM-e, Pollygala and acetyl-L-carnitine.  When increasing the antidepressant remedies however I never fully take my foot off the brake pedal and always maintain a basic prescription of anti-mania treatments including low-dose lithium orotate and darkness therapy to keep a ‘lid’ on things and prevent the antidepressant treatment flipping me up into mania only to crash and burn back down into depression.  
Disturbances in sleep and sleep cycles are often a significant part of my of bipolar syndrome and for me keeping an eye on the timing and length of my sleep cycles is a useful way to monitor how well I have my bipolar syndrome under control; if I notice my propensity to sleep diminishes I add sleep inducing remedies including lecithin (high doses of lecithin can be very useful in this regard), zinc, melatonin, tryptophan and increasing the amount of time I wear blue blocking glasses. Sometimes I’ll use specific tranquillising meditation techniques that hack into my nervous system and HPA axis to dampen down over-activity in my stress physiology. Tryptophan has antidepressant effects which may seem inappropriate during a manic phase but it is also sedating and sleep inducing; another time I may increase serotonin is when I need to moderate and counterbalance the aggressiveness (I prefer the term intensive) common in the hyper-dopaminergic manic condition.  
The things not to-do when your manic list is something I recommend everyone with bipolar syndrome write down and memorise.  The list should include the things that you do when you're manic that are potentially harmful that you wouldn’t do when you're not manic such as taking drugs, gambling, sexual behaviour that you later regret, excessive or impulsive spending, the list is basically any hedonistic, risky and impulsive behaviours which it turns out are driven by imbalanced dopamine activity.  When observe I’m intensely even obsessively interested in addictive behaviours I adjust all my levels and treatments until those thoughts simply melt away. I may also use specific Tantric and kundalini meditation techniques that induce a natural euphoric high (very similar to the high I experienced taking opium) to satisfy my desire to get high naturally and safely without the use of drugs.

If you want to read how I how I learned that I have bipolar syndrome and how I learned to treated click here.


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Hi my name is Peter Smith I specialise in treating and coaching people how to live well with mental health problems, digestive health problems/IBS, sleep problems and type II diabetes using natural therapies.
I used these techniques to overcome and live well with my own bipolar disorder and IBS. I've been in practice as a natural medicine practitioner since 1988.

What I Treat

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  • Addiction (by balancingbrainchemistry, supporting healthy dopamine levels etc.)
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  • Cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP
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  • Insulin resistance, pre- and early type II diabetes
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