Treating Bipolar Syndrome Without Drugs Using Natural Therapies


-Introduction- Understanding Bipolar Neurotransmitters & Treatment-

As yet there is no permanent cure for bipolar, you can’t fix it and forget about it, however bipolar syndrome is very treatable and with constant treatment people can manage the condition and keep it in remission at least for long periods of time so they can lead productive successful lives. As you learn to master living with your bipolar syndrome and minimising the harm it causes you can even begin to value the benefits that having bipolar syndrome can give you such as energy and creativity. I hope my methods help you, good luck. 

Section 2    How to Monitor you Bipolar Phases to Adjust your Prescription 

If you are going to self-medicate effectively you need to be able to recognise the early warning sighs of a bipolar phase as soon as it starts so you can change your prescription and treat it in the early stages before it even develops into something serious.  Bipolar syndrome is a changeable condition with two sides requiring different treatments so you need to be able quickly and intuitively monitor your condition to adjust your prescription.  Learn how to do that here. 

Section 3  Treating Bipolar Mania

Finding non-drug treatments to down-regulate the hyper-active manic brain turned out to be harder than finding therapies to up-regulate a depressed brain, however there is now a growing list of options that provide real solutions to this problem which may enable you to effectively manage your bipolar syndrome without drugs and the unpleasant side-effects they can cause. These natural remedies and techniques may also provide an alternative option in situations where the drugs are not working well. 

Section 4  Treating Bipolar Depression 

You can effectively boost serotonin and dopamine for bipolar depression using the natural therapies discussed elsewhere on this site. 

Section 5  Putting It All Together
How to Combine Natural Therapies to Manage and Live Well with Bipolar Syndrome
Section 6  Universal Bipolar Helpers:
·        Darkness Therapy for Bipolar Mania
·        Sleep Cycles & Bipolar Syndrome
·        Stabilising Blood Sugar
·        Omega-3 Fish Oils for Bipolar Depression
·        Exercise
·        Lithium Friend or Foe
·        Vanadium Toxicity & Bipolar Syndrome
·        Detoxifying Heavy Metals
treating bipolar disorder with natural remedies without drugs

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What I Treat

I treat and coach people with mental health problems at my London clinic and via Skype how to use natural remedies, diet, brain training meditations, sleep and specific physical exercises to treat the health of the brain for mental health problems including:
  • bipolar syndrome,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • addiction, panic disorder OCD and PTSD
I teach meditation brain training classes both  one-to-one and in small groups to rewire the brain and treat mental health problems.  I also see clints for cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP amygdala reprogramming or exposure therapy to treat anxiety spectrum disorders.
I regret that at this time do not treat psychotic conditions including schizophrenia at this time. 

I Specialise in the treatment of digestive health problems:
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • SIBO  (which can be the cause of  60% of IBS)
  • Bloating, constipation etc.
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