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Non-drug treatments for 
Depression, Bipolar Syndrome, Anxiety & Addiction
Using Natural Remedies

Out of balance brain chemistry can cause depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, weight gain, addictive personality, reckless/risky behaviour and of course bipolar syndrome.

This site is dedicated to treating depression, anxiety and bipolar syndrome with side-effect free none drug therapies.

1/ Nutritional Medicine to boost the production of deficient neurotransmitters and correct nutritional deficiencies.

Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylaminie can be involved in depressive illness, bipolar syndrome and addictive behaviour. 
Dopamine deficiency can be involved in ADHD. 
GABA and serotonin can be involved in anxiety, OCD and addiction to tranquillisers like Valium. 
Some studies have shown amino acids, supplements and herbs to be as affective as antidepressant drugs. These methods are much more natural and side-effect free and pharmaceuticals, and can be a superior alternative especially in cases of mild to moderate illness or when very long term treatment is required. 

I also specialise in eliminating often overlooked causes like metal toxicity, and brain allergies that can cause mental illness.

2/ Cognitive Hypnotherapy

It is possible to access problematic traumatic emotional memories and emotional triggers that contribute to mental health problems and remodel them to diminishing the problem. It's also possible to install and new ways of thinking 
(cognitive strategies) creating powerful coping mechanisms.  

I especially love helping people to access and remodel painful and negative feelings, memories, self-beliefs and values; lessening and removing the contribution these things have on depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and addictive behaviour.

Additional Methods:

I make therapeutic use of the proven anti-depressant effect of bright-light therapy, and the ability of total darkness therapy to stabilise mania. 
These treatments can also have a huge beneficial effect on correcting sleep disorders, which are so critical to managing bipolar. See link to Sleep Disorders for more.
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Regrettably I have not seen these methods work with balancing brain chemistry with schizophrenia and borderline or psychotic conditions, so I do not take on such patients. However I would still highly recommend people with these conditions to stabilise their blood sugar, establish the right balance of essential oils in their diet, rule out metal toxicity and brain allergies.
Pharmaceutical drugs are not the only way to change brain chemistry and increase neurotransmitter levels, there are non-drug treatments. Additionally there are mental (psychotherapy) techniques you can use to lessen the impact of out of balance chemistry has in your life to enable you to live well with the brain you've got.
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What I Treat
Today I use nutritional medicine and natural remedies to treat the health of the brain and mental health problems including bipolar syndrome, depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD; I do not treat psychotic conditions including schizophrenia at this time. I also use cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP when appropriate for a mind-body approach to mental health.
I practice at the Hale Clinic (central London) as a holistic medical practitioner and have been in practice since 1988.
Over the years I’ve trained in Nutritional /naturopathic medicine, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP, body-centred psychotherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Bicom resonance therapy, meditation and Kundalini yoga, in the past I specialised in digestive health problems including IBS, bloating, candida, parasites, constipation and chronic fatigue syndrome including adrenal exhaustion.
For a more information on my practice and a list of conditions I treat click here About My Practice 
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